Transcript: Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball media availability - July 23, 2020

On what were the best takeaways from yesterday's scrimmage and how the recovery process went today:"I think it was just good to play against some other people. We're still trying to focus on defense. Not too worried about offense, right now. Today was more about just coming in and getting our work done that we need to get done. A lot of focus on close-outs today, which is also defense, so I think just moving forward, that's our main goal, right now."

On the Pelicans ball movement in last night's scrimmage:"Like I said, I don't think offense is going to be a problem for us. We got a lot of playmakers, a lot of unselfish guys, so not too worried about that end of the ball."

On if the Pelicans are where they need to be with only a week left until their first seeding game:"I think we just got to use this last week to keep getting better, and then go from there. Our game’s on the 30th, so that's the due date for us, and we got to hit the ground running. We don't really have any time to warm up."

On if he or his teammates are paying attention to the other NBA teams scrimmages and if so, what are they trying to take away from those scrimmages:"I can't speak for anybody else. Myself, I really haven't been watching too much of it. Just trying to focus on our game. I watched our game over again. That's about it."

On the contributions from the entire Pelicans roster in last night's scrimmage:"Yeah. I think a large part of that came from the energy, and I think that had to do with us getting to play again. Even if it was a scrimmage, I think guys were happy to be there, happy to be on the court, and just having fun."

On how the rookies managed their time off during the NBA hiatus and the challenges of this year being your rookie year:"I mean, as far as our guys, I can tell they've been in the gym. Especially, Nickeil (Alexander-Walker). He's definitely standing out to me. In practice, Jaxson's (Hayes) is always going to bring the energy, but I think this time it's difficult for everyone. It's a little different. No one’s really ever really went through it, but for those guys to take the time off and come back and look like they really haven't missed a beat, credit to them."

On the setup of the NBA game court in the bubble:"I think they're making the most of what we can do. It kind of feels like [NBA] 2k [video game]. I've been telling my friends that it feels like a 2k game, but like I said, we're out there playing the game we love, and that's all we can really ask for."

On seeing 'Black Lives Matter' written on the court and what that meant:"That's nice that it's big and you can't miss it, so that's a start. Obviously, there's a lot more to go, but that's a nice touch to it."