Transcript: Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram media availability - July 17, 2020

On the overall growth he has seen from Lonzo Ball this year and how he has looked so far in Orlando:"It’s been continuous growth since the beginning of the season, from him being healthy to him feeling comfortable on the basketball floor, him figuring out what he needs to do on the basketball floor. I think the process has been very good and he’s been working every single day to make the best out of it. Everything is coming along the way he wants it to go.”

On many of the Pelicans not having been a part of a playoff race before and embracing this opportunity to experience meaningful games late in the season:"It’s a chance that we have to take our opportunity and maximize it. I think this experience right now is going to help us in the long run, especially with all of the young guys we have…one year, two year, three year guys that are coming in and trying to get experience in this playoff run. I think it’s going to help if our team stays together.”

On the difference between playing small forward and power forward for him and the possibility of having to play more power forward in Orlando:"Just different actions. I think it’s kind of like a different mismatch on the basketball floor playing against slower power forwards, guys that are usually guarding pick-and-rolls for guys that roll, not for shooters. I think you just see different aspects on the offensive end that you can exploit.”

On the possibility of playing without Zion Williamson and how the team will adjust:"Whatever the coach wants. If I’m still at the three, if I’m playing the four, we just fill in the gaps. We know that we have guys that can step up in his position. We have a shooter coming off the bench, a bunch of shooters that can space the basketball floor. It’s kind of just a different dynamic.”

On how much fun it was to see teams having to guard Lonzo Ball differently with his improved shot:"Well, it’s a different scouting report: guys running him off the (three-point) line, guys getting closer to him on the line. I think he’s good enough to step to the rim, good enough to make the right pass, so everything is coming in order.”