Roberts Joins Students for Reading Rally at Henry Mayfield Elementary

Roberts Joins Students for Reading Rally at Henry Mayfield Elementary

November 9, 2012

The New Orleans Hornets and Shell spent time at Henry Mayfield Elementary in Slidell on Nov. 8, distributing books and hosting a “Reading Rally” to enforce not only the importance of reading, but also how much fun reading can be.

The Hornets and Shell Oil and Gas will host “Reading Rallies” for elementary school students throughout the season to help promote literacy and empower them during the school year.

“As a company, Shell started the Reading Rallies because it enhances the joy of reading,” said Shell Upstream Americas Communications Business Advisor-Deep Water, Qi Wiggins. “So many kids think reading is boring or something you just do at school. At at the reading rally, to have Brian Roberts read to the kids and show them how much fun reading is and that you can use your imagination and act out the book like Hugo did, makes it special. The “Reading Rally” just confirms that not only is reading fundamental, but it’s fun.”

Hornets guard Brian Roberts, along with Hugo and the Honeybees, read two books to the students, as Hugo acted out the story. In addition to the assembly, the Hornets Bookmobile presented by Shell distributed books to 6th-grade students. Following the assembly, Shell employees and Roberts spent time hosting reading timeouts for the kindergarten and 1st-grade classes.

During the “Reading Rally,” 2nd-5th graders had the chance to hear from Wiggins, who hopes the students took a new enjoyment of reading away from the assembly.

“I hope they go home and ask for a library card and that they want to read constantly and consistently,” she said. “I hope it makes them want to expand their imagination and that they had the best time at the rally. I just hope they tell their parents that they discovered that reading is so fun and they want to do it all the time.”

Roberts also enjoyed the appearance and hopes that his viewpoint helps the students take to heart the importance and enjoyment of reading.

“I think at that age, they don’t see reading as something cool, but having the perspective of being older, it’s important to help teach kids that reading is fun and it helps them use their imagination,” he said. “Being in the school and helping them to learn about reading is really cool.”

The assembly was full of life as Hugo and the Honeybees led the students in chants throughout the assembly.

“Today was a lot of fun – I forgot how loud kids can be at this age!” Roberts said. “They had a lot of energy and it was good to see that enthusiasm. I’m just happy I was able to be here.”