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Pelicans vs. Magic, postgame quotes
Vice president of digital media for New Orleans Pelicans.

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams

On tonight’s game:

“We definitely made a lot of mistakes, free throws, a lot of missed opportunities.”

On Ryan Anderson’s three point streak at the end of the third quarter:

“ ..I thought it was good for us and good for Ryan. It was almost like a statement was made that he was back because he has the ability to change the game with his shooting and rebounding. He does so much for our team. Like I said, he had seven offensive rebounds, how many guys can actually do that and knock down threes?”

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday

On their first win of the season:

“It was a good win overall. We did a lot of good things. We started off playing defensively really well. We didn’t make too many shots, but the fact that we rebounded better and defended better in the second half, that’s definitely a good sign.”

On Ryan Anderson’s impact:

“I was back [in the locker room] getting stiched up, but I could hear the crowd going. Ryan [Anderson] brings that off the bench, he brings the energy. That’s what he is capable of at any time.”

On Anthony Davis’s 26 point, 17 rebound, 9 block performance:

“That’s AD. That’s Anthony [Davis]. He’s getting better and better.”

Pelicans Forward Ryan Anderson

On securing their first win of the season:

“It was huge for this group. Obviously, we wanted to make a statement, set a precedent for this team for how we can play. We played hard, we fought, and we played the right way. We didn’t lose our heads. We played a strong, complete game. That’s what we want to do.”

On his strong performance after being injured last season:

“It’s the guys. I’m not one of those guys who is going to do it all himself. Everybody got me open shots, open looks. My teammates did a great job of finding me in that third quarter especially. We owe this win to the group. We played a great team game, so we just want to keep it up and keep winning.”

On how he feels coming back from an injured back:

“Out of shape a little. But we’re working. We haven’t played a regular season game in a while so we are feeling it out. It’s good that we got this win. It’s good that we showed how well we can play. We can get better, we can play even better. But we did a great job rebounding and playing defense. That’s what this team can do. It was a great win tonight.”