Pelicans News Around the Web (5-4-2021)

Panzura postgame wrap: Warriors 123, Pelicans 108

With time running low Monday on New Orleans’ chances to qualify for a Western Conference play-in spot, Golden State looked a lot like a team whose stars possess vast postseason experience.

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Stephen Curry explodes for 41 points as Pelicans' play-in tournament hopes dim even further

Over the past two seasons, the New Orleans Pelicans have played in only a few games with actual stakes. In the handful that they have been involved in, they’ve failed miserably.

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Walker: Pelicans fans can thank much debated play-in tournament for keeping intrigue in season

Others, particularly those whose teams are lingering around the Nos. 7 and 8 spots in each conference, hate it.

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How Steph Curry, Draymond Green and the Warriors extinguished the Pelicans’ long-shot dreams

Lonzo Ball, the sideline inbounder, thought he saw a window for a 40-foot lob to Zion Williamson over the top of an unaware Warriors defense. But Draymond Green is typically aware of an opponent’s tendencies. He knows Ball likes to throw lobs to Williamson, sometimes from odd angles at ambitious times.

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Curry's 41 points push Warriors past Pelicans 123-108

NEW ORLEANS -- — Stephen Curry elicited gasps from the New Orleans crowd with a pair of deep 3s that put the Warriors up by 20 and pushed his point total to 17 — in the first quarter.

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