Pelicans News Around the Web (5-26-2020)

Report: There's a 'good chance' NBA goes straight to postseason

During his six-year tenure as NBA commissioner, Adam Silver has showed he is not beholden to tradition. Silver has openly entertained ideas such as adding a midseason tournament and revamping the playoff format. In 2018, Silver wondered aloud about taking the top eight teams in each conference and then reseeding them 1-16 based on record.

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NBA Superlatives: Pelicans guard JJ Redick

Fourteen years ago, Duke University’s all-time leading scorer was selected 11th overall in the NBA draft by the Orlando Magic.

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Dunks, game winners and a TD pass: Our favorite play of the season for all 30 teams

It has been two and a half months since we've seen a poster dunk, an ankle-breaking move or a buzzer-beating shot on an NBA court. And, while there is some hope of a potential restart, plenty of hurdles remain in the league's mission to save the season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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