Pelicans News Around the Web (10-18-2021)

Kushner: Zion’s murky injury timeline sows mistrust in Pelicans

When is Zion Williamson coming back?

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NBA Power Rankings: It’s time to be mad, plus random predictions for 2021-22 and introducing … tiers!

Annnnnnnnnnd we’re back! We’ve got our third NBA season in just over a year, but this time we’re supposed to be back to normal. (Here’s where I throw in the new cliché of, “Whatever normal is now!”)

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NBA West Preview: The Return of ‘Beautiful Basketball’

There were years when fans generally knew what to expect from the Western Conference. Everyone knew the Showtime-era Lakers would reach the finals. Everyone knew Timmy, Manu and Pop would have the Spurs contending late in the season. Everyone knew the Mailman would deliver — at least until the Jazz met Michael Jordan and the Bulls. And, more recently, everyone knew the Splash Brothers had Golden State primed for championship runs.

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