Favorite NBA Road Trips

Pelicans broadcaster roundtable: Favorite NBA road trip

by Jim Eichenhofer

Last week Pelicans.com asked the team’s contingent of TV and radio broadcasters to discuss their favorite road trip within the Southwest Division. This time we’re branching out for their selections from the rest of the NBA, which includes 25 franchises playing in 23 different cities (Los Angeles and New York City are both home to a pair of teams). Also, check out yesterday’s review of “Favorite NBA road trip” from our Southwest Division panel of media members, as well as others from around the league.

What’s your favorite road trip in the rest of the NBA?

John DeShazier, Pelicans radio

My friends in Georgia may take issue with this one, because I love getting to Atlanta and being close to home and seeing friends and family, but the Bay Area just does it for me. Love the food and culture in San Francisco, and the fact that there’s always something interesting to do. And love the fact that if I don’t care much for what’s happening in San Fran, I can go over to Oakland and just as easily find something that’s in my strike zone. I’m not a die-hard baseball guy, but somehow, it seems that every time I go to a game, it’s in the Bay Area. Just tossed that in for lagniappe.

Todd Graffagnini, Pelicans radio

It’s tough to narrow it down to one, so I’m going to give you three. First, San Francisco is obviously one of the greatest cities in the world. It has everything to offer… but for me, it’s an incredible walking city, complete with steep hills and incredible views.

Second, Philadelphia. I’ve always been partial to Philly since I started traveling there with Tulane six years ago. We stay at a brand-new, 60-story Four Seasons (the best hotel in the NBA) which is walking distance from anything you could want. The sports vibe in Philly is unparalleled and it’s a city steeped in American history. Since I’m a history buff, that’s in my wheelhouse. No trip to Philadelphia is complete without experiencing the sights and particularly the smells of the Reading Terminal Market.

Third, Chicago. Again, great walking town, great food and my favorite deep-dish pizza, Malnati’s. Also one of the great pubs I’ve ever been to, Pippin’s Tavern.

Jen Hale, Pelicans TV

Chicago, Illinois! First of all, I went to graduate school at Northwestern University – the Medill School of Journalism’s downtown campus. That was such a coming-of-age experience for me that really shaped who I became as an adult and a journalist. I love getting to go back to Chicago for the walk down memory lane and to visit campus. Of course, while attending Medill, I became well-versed in the history of the Bulls and Michael Jordan, but after watching “The Last Dance,” all of the stories I heard as a student, and even earlier as a teenager, took on a new life. I learned to truly cover the game of basketball inside the United Center during graduate school. I’m really fired up to go back again this upcoming season! Other top cities include anywhere with true personality: New York, Portland, San Fran, Brooklyn.

Joel Meyers, Pelicans TV

It would definitely be San Francisco. My wife Carol and I used to live there down by the marina, right by the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our first child, our son Drew, was born there. We had such an incredible time living in that city. San Francisco is truly still one of the great cities in the world. I love to get out and walk on the team’s road trips, and there is no better city for getting out and walking, all over the city: Down to the Embarcadero, all the way back up through North Beach, Chinatown, Union Square. It’s a world-class city.

Daniel Sallerson, Pelicans radio

It’s always fun to go to New York City, no matter if the weather is cold or hot there. Two seasons ago, I went to the Thanksgiving Day parade, something I’ll probably never get to experience again. With a train ride or an Uber, you can see so many places in New York. It can be hard to get around – and I get lost sometimes, because I’m terrible with directions – but going there is awesome. The other city I love is Portland; it helps that we go to the Nike store. There’s something different about the feel of the city. Occasionally it gets a little rainy, but I enjoy going there. It also helps that we stayed there for a week in 2018, when the Pelicans swept a first-round playoff series.

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