Miller, Harris Appear at Make-A-Wish Event

Pelicans Darius Miller and Terrel Harris Appear at Make-A-Wish Event

June 7, 2013

Over the past several seasons, New Orleans’ NBA franchise has worked in conjunction with the local Make-A-Wish Foundation, facilitating meetings between children and some of the basketball players they may only have seen on TV. The outstanding cause is something the team will continue to support during its new era as the New Orleans Pelicans.

On Thursday, June 6, Pelicans wing players Darius Miller and Terrel Harris were special guests at the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s charity fundraiser at New Orleans Rock N Bowl. The New Orleans reserves, who both debuted with the team in 2012-13, spent time bowling and meeting with numerous major contributors to the area’s Make-A-Wish efforts.

As many of his former Miami Heat teammates began play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on TV sets overhead, the 25-year-old Harris registered a hard-fought 129-121 bowling victory over Miller, a 22-year-old NBA rookie last season.

Harris was gracious in victory, after holding on for the eight-pin triumph when Miller just missed a spare on his second ball of the 10th frame.

“I just think I had a little bit more practice and bowl a little more than Darius, probably,” Harris said, smiling. “It’s nothing I’m great at. But I play probably once a month.”

Miller and Harris were in town also to participate in the ongoing voluntary workouts at the Alario Center. A group of Pelicans have been shuttling in and out of New Orleans to work out together, primarily Mondays through Thursdays over the past few weeks.

“We don’t have enough guys to play fullcourt yet, but we’ve been doing a lot of team stuff,” Harris described. “We’re doing a lot of individual development and then some team unity things with multiple players in one drill, to help us get used to each other as teammates.”

In the past, New Orleans players have often reported to the city earlier than was required, but an “early” arrival usually meant sometime around Labor Day. It’s very uncommon for a handful-plus of players to already be preparing for the season in May or June.

“It shows that guys are dedicated and really want to help this team win,” Harris said of the large gatherings. “We all didn’t like what we saw last year at the end of the season. We feel like we have something to prove. We wanted to just get together and do this together.”