CJ McCollum #3 of the New Orleans Pelicans celebrates during the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Dec. 31.

Know Your Pelicans: Trusted babysitter

A father of two, CJ McCollum lapped the field in a poll among New Orleans players

NBA coaches often talk about trust. Trust in your teammates to make an open shot, set a timely and unselfish screen, or help on defense. But what about trusting a teammate to handle your young children for a few hours (or more)? To get to the bottom of that important query, Pelicans.com asked New Orleans players a simple question, “Which teammate would you trust most to babysit?” By a wide margin, the team’s seasoned 32-year-old starting guard –on the verge of playing his 700th career regular season game Friday at San Antonio – was the pick. Not coincidentally, the hands-down winner is also a father of two young children himself.

Dyson Daniels: “I’d give my kids to CJ. He’s got two kids. I’d probably pick him.”

Jordan Hawkins: “Any of the older guys. Probably Cody or someone like that.”

Brandon Ingram: “Jonas has some kids, so Jonas.”

Herb Jones: “CJ McCollum.”

E.J. Liddell: “There are a lot of guys with kids on the team. I’m going to go with CJ. He seems very responsible.”

Naji Marshall: “That’s easy – Jose. He’s unbelievable (as a dad), so fun. He tries to be this tough guy, but when he gets around his daughters, he’s a punk. They’ll talk to him and say, ‘Come on Daddy, pleeeease?’ and he’s soft. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.” [smiles]

Trey Murphy: “Let’s make sure we say this right now, I don’t plan on having kids for another five to six years. Let’s not wish kids on me. But if I had to pick someone to babysit my future children, CJ. He seems the most responsible. Or Cody.”

Larry Nance Jr.: “CJ or Jonas.”

Jonas Valanciunas: “Hmm, who is the most mature? Larry or CJ.”

Cody Zeller: “CJ. He’s a pretty solid guy. He has kids of his own. I’d trust him.”

TOTAL “VOTES”: CJ McCollum 7, Jonas Valanciunas 2, Cody Zeller 2, Jose Alvarado 1, Larry Nance Jr. 1.