Kings win coin flip vs. Pelicans, giving New Orleans No. 13 pre-lottery slot

Some people believe 13 is an unlucky number. The New Orleans Pelicans are hoping the prime number delivers a second straight year of good fortune during the draft lottery.

In a coin flip Monday conducted by the NBA, Sacramento prevailed over New Orleans, breaking a tie to determine the 12th and 13th pre-lottery slots for Thursday’s 2020 drawing. The Kings and Pelicans will still have the same lottery odds during the drawing, featuring a 1.2 percent chance of winning and a 5.7 percent of earning a top-four pick (via the NBA). New Orleans won the 2019 lottery, despite only 6.0 percent odds of doing so.

If neither Sacramento nor New Orleans are able to move into the top four at Thursday’s lottery – provided Memphis (No. 14 pre-lottery slot) also does not move up – the Kings would select 12th, while the Pelicans would choose 13th. Here is the pre-lottery order for Thursday’s event (7:30 p.m. Central, ESPN):

1)      Golden State (14.0 percent chance of winning lottery)

2)      Cleveland (14.0)

3)      Minnesota (14.0)

4)      Atlanta (12.5)

5)      Detroit (10.5)

6)      New York (9.0)

7)      Chicago (7.5)

8)      Charlotte (6.0)

9)      Washington (4.5)

10)   Phoenix (3.0)

11)   San Antonio (2.0)

12)   Sacramento (1.2)

13) New Orleans (1.2)

14) Memphis (0.5)