Big Easy Buzz Blog - July 7, 2008

Honeybees Q&A: Martine

Monday, July 7, 2008
With Honeybee auditions scheduled for Sunday, July 20, at the New Orleans Arena, Martine stopped by to provide a closer look at what prospective candidates should expect. Please note that the team is also hosting prep classes on July 9 and July 16 to help participants get ready for the July 20 auditions.
Hornets fans can ask a member of the Honeybees a question by leaving a comment under this blog entry, or by e-mailing Please include “Ask the Honeybees” in the subject of your e-mail. As always, creativity in your questions is encouraged. Before we delve into Honeybees auditions, the Hornets recently hosted their June 26 draft party. Even though the team essentially was not picking a player, 300-plus fans packed the Fox & Hound in Metairie for the event. What was the draft party like for you and your Honeybees teammates?
Martine: The draft party was A LOT of fun! It was really nice to see all the familiar faces of my favorite Hornets fans! Parties like this are a great opportunity to get to really interact with the fans that support us all year long! Thanks to everyone who came out. It was definitely a good time! One of the biggest offseason Hornets events takes place July 20 when the Honeybees hold the first round of auditions. The finals are scheduled for a week later, on July 27, at the House of Blues. What do you do to prepare for auditions?
Martine: Well, as a lot of us say “time to go to WORK,” bring your BEST game out there. It takes a lot of time to have the perfect hair, makeup, and most importantly a tan. :) Look your best, ladies. How much dance experience do newcomers need to have if they are planning to try out for the Honeybees for the first time?
Martine: To be honest, newcomers don’t have to be discouraged if you don’t have any. As long as you have a lot of energy and spunk you will be fine. Just have fun, keep smiling and show your personality! There is always a routine introduced during auditions. How difficult is it to learn a brand-new routine in such a brief period of time?
Martine: Hmm... I would have to say it’s up to YOU! Like I said before if you just have fun the dance will come to you! Don’t stress, Ashley makes it fun and you will be able to show off your own style. What is the best advice you could give to someone who is auditioning for the first time?
Martine: Great question! To tell you the truth my first year of tryouts I went in knowing only that I loved to dance and wanted to continue to perform. I was only 18 years old and I didn’t know one person there. Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you! Everyone’s
really sweet and will make you feel really comfortable! No worries. :) A total of 140 women tried out for the Honeybees last summer, when the Hornets returned full-time to New Orleans. Do you expect that the Hornets’ tremendous success last season will lead to even more women auditioning this year?
Martine: I do expect more girls this year. But, that should only mean one thing: BRING YOUR BEST! Dance, perform, and show what you have! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Can’t wait! It’s going to be so much fun ladies!