04/03/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Pacers

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 108, Indiana 96

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On having a sense of urgency for this game:
”Well you know that was what we talked about the last couple of days, having a bit of not just urgency, but a bit of physical presence, a bit of desperation, and just playing like it was our last game. Now that’s how we have to play every night when we have a depleted roster, and the situations we have had to deal with. And I just thought our defense was phenomenal tonight. The first three quarters holding a team like that to those numbers makes a difference. We’re not the kind of team that scores 108 points every night. But I thought our defense helped that.”

On the total team effort:
“Well Chris had it going early and I thought the guys fed off of that; but Trevor was attacking early, he knocked down some shots and was getting to the basket. He had nine rebounds; that’s a lot for a small forward. I just thought our guards made it easier on our big men. They just played pick and roll a little bit differently than we’ve seen lately. They were hedging the pick and roll so it gave our bigs a chance to give some offensive rebounds on the backside. The guards were really good at penetrating and knocking down shots. That’s obvious but I thought they did well tonight because that team has some wins and we put a stop to that tonight.”

On shuffling the lineup after Chris Paul’s injury:
“They jumped it up a little bit; going small and I didn’t want to put Chris back in the game and risk injuring his knee; banging it the way he did. And we had some guys out there in some pretty difficult situations. Aaron was out there when they were switching and Jason was out there playing a small. And that’s what they do, knock down threes.”

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the intensity the team came out with:
“It definitely was a point of emphasis. We came out aggressive on both ends of the court, and -we built up a nice cushion. I hate the way we ended the game but it’s a good win for us.”

On how to approach every game for the rest of the season:
“Every game is different and we can’t compare this game to the last game. We had a lot more energy tonight and it made the difference. We need to go back to the drawing board tomorrow and make sure everybody’s healthy and ready to play.”

On the injury to his knee in the second quarter and the game Wednesday:
“I’m good. We’re going to need all the fans here next game. We need everybody to come out and support us because the Houston game is big for us. We need to have the city behind us because it’s going to be a big game."

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor
On how the team is helping Carl Landry adapt to the new style of play:
“Whenever you joining a team midseason, you’re still trying to learn the nuances and figure out what you’re doing. Sometimes you’re stuck in the old team’s habits, and we’re just trying to do our best to keep him abreast of what we’re doing and bringing him along.”

On his role offensively:
"David brought 18 points to the game and you have to make that up somehow. The offense has changed a lot and everybody is trying to find out where to fit in with their role and as far as my personal role, there will be more post ups and cutting and finding the lanes and making things easier for everybody.”

Pacers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Frank Vogel
On the game:
“Tough loss for us. Obviously a missed opportunity as we’re closing down on the playoff chase. Credit to New Orleans, they played an excellent basketball game. They were too much for us tonight. We’re a young basketball team. They were desperate, and we’re playing for every win. We played hard; we just didn’t play well tonight.”

On the Pacers defense:
“We played a very poor defensive game. We had some slippage. We were very good against Milwaukee. I don’t really have an answer why we showed up defensively like we did tonight as opposed against what we did against Milwaukee. We weren’t very good defensively tonight.”

On the strong finish:
“Our guys never quit on the game. There have been games when we were up 20 points on teams in the fourth quarter and they have come back on us. They know it’s never over. We tried to pick it up full court and pressing them and trapping them. Just not quitting on the game. We were shooting threes, but it clearly wasn’t enough.”

Pacers Center Roy Hibbert
On the Pacers’ defense tonight:
“Our defense was not in sync like it had been the last couple of games. We let guys drive to the basket left and right. People were stepping up and we weren’t synching the help. It was just all defense for us. I want to tip my hat to the guys on the bench who don’t play that much. They stayed positive, kept playing and never gave up. To tell you the truth, though, our starters need to look at them and see how they carried their business.”

Pacers Forward Josh McRoberts
On the Hornets’ offense:
“It was a matter of our defense. They hurt us in the pick and roll, but not just that. It was everything that happens around that pick and roll. The weak side action. You know, when you rotate to one guy and it opens up another guy. When Chris Paul is hitting tough shots like that, what can you do? They’re a great pick and roll team with all those guys. They know where to be and he knows where to pass the ball. It’s a tough matchup for anybody. They just beat us tonight.”