03/19/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Celtics

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 85, Boston 89

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the loss:
"Give the Celtics credit, they picked up their pressure, we couldn’t run a play and they hit some big shots. I thought their defensive presence in the third quarter hurt us. We only scored 13 points in that quarter and 34 in the second half. The game was played like a playoff game, Marco hits some threes and I felt like we fell in love with the jumper, but he had a hot hand and he helped us out early. They shot 50-percent from the field and we missed several free throws down the stretch. I thought we didn’t have that sense of urgency coming out of the first half and we didn’t play the first five minutes like we did the last five minutes."

On Chris Paul’s night:
"I didn’t plan on Chris not hitting a field goal tonight, but you have those nights. I felt like our defense was good enough to win the ball game. The three Ray Allen hit out of the timeout with only two seconds on the shot clock was inexcusable. That should never happen. What it boiled down to tonight is we didn’t have the toughness that they had."

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On what he does when he is struggling to score points:
"Keep playing. Luckily, I don’t have a stat guy on my shoulder during the game telling me what I’m shooting. I’m just going to keep shooting. I don’t know how to counter it. It’s not the first time (that I’ve missed shots)."

On playing poorly tonight:
"It’s going to be hard for us to win (if I play like that). I’ve got to do better. We lose by four points, and I play a game like that (doesn’t help the team)."

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On giving up another big lead:
"It’s something that we’ve been doing in the last half of the year. It’s been hurting us. You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Boston is an experienced team. They’re a very good basketball team. They made a run. In this league, it’s about being able to sustain a lead when teams make a run. They made a good run tonight. We just couldn’t get it back after that."

On the team needing to have composure after they get big leads:
"We’re getting up on them by double digits. The teams turn up the pressure. When they come and turn up the pressure, we get up a lot of late clock shots where we are forced to shoot threes and a lot of shot clock violations. We have to do a better job of when the pressure turns up, making sure that we execute even better."

Celtics Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Doc Rivers
On the win:
“We played so poorly last night and we really just started the game today. To come back the way we came back; to start out the third quarter poorly again, I thought it meant a lot to the guys to come back. They wanted this win and I thought they liked it because a lot of people pitched in. It was not just the starters, it was everybody. I thought Jeff Green, Delonte West, and Glen Davis were off the charts. They were phenomenal.”

On Delonte West:
“I thought he was running out of gas. We called another play for him and he waived it off. So that was when I knew to take him out. But I was just waiting for Rondo, he just lost the feeling in his fingers and I was waiting for him to come back in the game and once he told me he was okay We were ready. I did not think, endurance-wise, he could handle it. I knew he was mentally tough and he would try, but I just thought we could go back with our starters at some point, and he was good for us.”

Celtics Forward Kevin Garnett
On the win:
“I thought we were all just beat up a little bit. We were fighting a little bit and we were hurting more than normal. But I thought for the most part, we played solid. All in all, we got out early and I thought the way we got back was ball-coordinated and defense. We started getting Paul (Pierce) and we started getting Ray (Allen) open and our bench was great tonight. I thought they were huge tonight. It was just a galliant effort by everybody.”

On Delonte West:
“You got guys like him and Carlos (Arroyo) who are proven guys in this league for a while and respected guys on this team: Jeff Green coming in and giving us huge baskets. We won this by pure defense…pure defense.”

Celtics Guard Rajon Rondo
On the win:
“We got down early but Delonte West played great for us tonight. Before I even went out (on the court), he was still playing hard, and even Jeff Green and Big Baby (Glen Davis).”

On his playing time:
“It meant big. I have not played 30 minutes in a long time, but Carlos (Arroyo) and Delonte (West) are trying to get me healthy as possible."