03/17/12 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Nets

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 102, New Jersey 94

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the game:
"I thought our guys just played the right way tonight. Anytime you have 29 assists, it makes all the big shots down the stretch look even better. Some of the shots down the stretch are just shots that you make in the backyard or in the gym, then you have the chance to do it in the NBA, it becomes a special moment. I think we played the right way, our bench was really excited. You could see the energy on the bench was great. We held them to 12 points in the fourth quarter that was the difference. We didn’t get rattled when we were down by 12 and I think they were at 84 and after that we had three stops in a row. We just played the right way tonight."

Hornets Guard Marco Belinelli

On the game and having Jason Smith back:
"Everybody was happy to have Jason (Smith) because he brings a lot of energy on the court, so our attitude was good. But it’s just a win. It was important for us to win this game here, now we have tomorrow off, so we have a couple days to improve our game and get ready for the game Wednesday."

On the importance of having rest:
"It’s important because everyone can recover, so I think for everybody it’s important to rest a little bit one day and get ready to come back and practice and try to be better every day. We need to be ready for Wednesday."

On the goal for the rest of the season:
"We have something like 21 more games, so we are going to play until the end and keep fighting, that’s why we play. We need to go on the court and play hard every game, because we are a team that will fight every time, so we are going to play like that."

Nets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Avery Johnson

On how tough it is to lose this game:
"Yeah it is. Then when you get outscored 32-12 in the fourth, and then we had some good looks that just didn’t fall for us. But at the same time we showed that we were a team that has some potential, but we also need a lot of work. And, as I told our players, when we come in on Monday morning, even though it’s a shoot around, we got some work to do. We got a couple of areas that we need to clean up. But we got some positives tonight. We got Deron back in the lineup, Gerald made a big three for us at the end of the third quarter. His defense was really good at his position. Our bench play, between Anthony and Gerald Green was pretty good. But we got to get some better defense and better intensity from someone else."

On what their defense was doing that slowed them down at the end of the fourth:
"Well we missed layups. We missed layups, we missed a few jump shots, and they blocked us at the basket one time. But I just thought that we missed some opportunities. We missed a wide open jump shot, but we had good looks; looks that we were making all night."

On the beginning of the fourth quarter:
"Gerald was exhausted, Deron was exhausted, so when we substituted, we didn’t get off to a really good start at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and that kind of precipitated and carried over to the rest of the quarter."

On how he thought Gerald Wallace fit in:
"Yeah I think he’s fine. You know, he’s got to find how he fits in. Maybe he over-passed just a little bit because that’s what you do when you get traded; you want to fit in with guys, and he’s really unselfish. But look at the two or three blocks that he and Gerald Green had in transition coming from behind. We talked to them about it before the game. I told them that I wanted them to do that more. And we haven’t had that, so that was a real bright spot for us. They had five blocks between them."

On how Deron Williams felt after the game:
"This is his first game back. You know, twenty and twelve, and we didn’t win. So I know he wants to win badly. And we got 20 games left in the regular season, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this group finishes the season. And today was kind of the intro. But we definitely have a lot of work to do. We need to get more production inside, and if we do that, I think we’ll be in good shape."

Nets Guard Deron Williams

On the game and coming back from injury:
"It was a tough loss. We played really well the first three quarters. We had them down by twelve and they just went on a tear in the fourth quarter. That score was like 32-12, something like that, and that is the ball game right there."

On the failure to convert on offense after a good defensive play:
"I missed three easy shots that I usually make, two lay-ups might have been a little contact, but I still got to finish them. On the other end they had two daggers. Chris Kaman’s long two and the three by Bellineli were really heartbreakers for us."

On the potential of the team with Gerald Wallace:
"I thought he played well. I have been a fan of his since I have been in the league. He plays hard on both ends of the floor. He can post up and shoot, go to the basket, rebound and block shots. We are excited to have him on board and see what we can do in this last month."

Nets Forward Gerald Wallace

On learning on the fly:
"It was wild, it was kind of crazy. I was telling Deron how hard it is out there. They would call a play and I don’t have a clue where to go or what I am supposed to do. But it was fun, just to get out there and run out in transition and playing with those guys. But we let a game get out that we could have won. We didn’t execute good in the 4th quarter and we didn’t get stops. They made some big shots down the stretch and I think that was the difference in the game."

On the special talent that he brings to the team:
"It felt good. It just felt good to make a shot. I haven’t done anything in like three days. I actually thought my legs were good until you get to the court. I have been just lying in the bed for three days; I got to get back on my rhythm. The shots felt good, it also felt good to get out and run in transition. It just felt good to get back to playing basketball."

Nets Guard MarShon Brooks

On the game:
"It was pretty tough. We ended the third quarter strong, they made some tough shots at the end, but we struggled to score. I honestly thought towards the end of the game in the last few minutes of the game I thought we had some good looks. They made the hard shots and they made the easy ones at the end, that’s just the way it goes. We have to play every game as though it’s our last. We have Cleveland coming up Monday and we have to get ready. This is a must win. We have to make sure that we take care of it."

On Gerald Wallace:
"Gerald had a lot of energy. He’s one of the best in the league, chased down blocks on a fast break. He comes from the weak side and gets blocks. He’s going to get us extra rebounds. He’s going to be a lot of help for us."

On rebounding from the Magic game:
"It’s been tough. My role bounces around from week to week. I’m just trying to play hard and make something happen with the minutes I get. I had some better looks tonight with Deron (Williams) coming back. I hit my first shot. I went to the free throw line. I was just more aggressive. I just try to get back to basics and attack the rim."