03/14/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs Nuggets

Monday, March 14, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 103, Denver 114

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the loss and giving up so many three point shots:
“They hit a ton of shots tonight. (They hit) a lot of shots, not just three balls. I thought that the three ball messed with us a little bit. You see that ball go through the hole 17 times from the three, it tends to mess with your psyche a bit. I thought that they made some hustle plays tonight that set them up for fast break points. The official score says 16, but I dare say that they were in the high 20’s, as far as fast break points. It was just one of those games that you have in the NBA where a team comes out and they just shoot the ball better than you’ve ever seen them before. They’ve been playing that way. They did some things tonight that negated what we’ve been doing lately. I thought that our guys fought tonight. We just didn’t have enough to overcome that many threes.”

On Denver’s scrappy play:
“I just thought that they had control of the game from second quarter on. We made a run (later) and our fourth quarter defense was a lot better…Not many times are we going to see teams scrap more than the team that we have here in New Orleans. Tonight, I thought that they scrapped a little bit more than we did.”

Hornets Forward Jason Smith
On the change in the game:
“(Raymond) Felton came in and was effective - he could start for many teams. It’s hard when they have two point guards out there. We struggled especially when Emeka (Okafor) went out. They are a great team, especially a great shooting team, and when their shots start falling it makes it really difficult."

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On the game:
“The Nuggets came out tonight and played great. They have been playing well and they did it again tonight. We just have to forget about this game, come in to practice tomorrow ready to work and get better and work on things that we need to work on.”

On what changed for Denver after the hot start for the Hornets:
“They started hitting shots, the basket got big to them. They got to the basket a few times. I think that got them going and then they started hitting shots.”

On the Hornets play on the offensive end:
“We scored 100 points, so I don’t think it was the scoring part. They were hitting a lot of threes and it led to the win tonight."

Nuggets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach George Karl
On the game tonight:
“It’s amazing that we can play that well and turn it over as much as we turned it over. Our point guards were fantastic. It’s a good start to a road trip and gives us some confidence. Our team has a great attitude and approach to the game. We’re very much in focus. We’re shooting the ball very well and getting good pressure with our defense. I thought defensively in the first half we were pretty good. In the second half we slipped a little. That’s our game. Our game is to penetrate and try to get to the rim. If they take the rim away, try to find the three ball. If that doesn’t work, keep penetrating the rim and try to make something happen.”

Nuggets Guard Raymond Felton
On his confidence in the offense:
“I’m just getting comfortable. The offense is pretty much the same as how I used to play back in (North) Carolina, how I was playing when I was in New York (Knicks). We were just pushing the ball down the court, getting into a lot of screen-and-rolls. That’s the way Coach (George) Karl likes to play, so it’s just me getting comfortable and everybody getting comfortable with the guys and trying to get back into my groove. I felt comfortable tonight.”

On his play tonight:
“I was just coming in and giving some energy; trying to push the ball and get guys involved. I just do what I do. Even when I’m not starting, I still do the same and come in with the same approach.”

Nuggets Forward Wilson Chandler
On winning on the road:
“It’s good as it can get on the road. A couple of times, we got off track and then came back a little bit. But for the most part, we played great team defense when we needed to and everyone came in and made great shots.”

On seventeen three-pointers as a team:
“It was just the flow of the game. The first half, we missed a lot of jump shots so we starting going to the rim. Our big guys finished and battled in the paint.”

On three teammates with 20 or more points:
“When you come into a game and look at the scouting report, you have two superstars in the league and you spread the court. You have to worry about this guy or this guy in the league, and when you have JR (Smith) coming off the bench, it is kind of tough (to defend). Sometimes, your defensive principles go out the game because you have so many guys coming in (to shoot).”