03/01/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Raptors

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 90, Raptors 96

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
Thoughts on the game:
"Well it wasn’t good. We waited too late to play. It was something I talked about this morning at shootaround. I thought the attitude starting this game and not having that sense of urgency, it hurt us tonight. If you look at the second half scoring, I think we’re up nine. Just because we waited too long to bring that defensive edge and that falls on me. There’s no way. If I put guys on the floor they should be prepared to play, and tonight we were not, not from the start."

Thoughts on the defensive alertness at the beginning of the game:
"It’s something we talked about with this team. They don’t shoot the three ball as well as they used to, but they attack the basket. It’s something that you have to have personal responsibility and keep guys in front of you. It’s hard to guard guys in this league but we’ve proven that we can do it and we just didn’t do it tonight."

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
Thoughts on the game:
"We just didn’t play that well tonight. We came out of the gates pretty earlier but we didn’t sustain our defence. That’s the same thing that has given us problems all season long, the ball screen. It got to us a little bit tonight."

The team shot 2-of-11 to finish the game:
"In order to be a good team you have to have a closer and finish games out in the fourth quarter. That is usually me and D. West. D. West has been there but I have to find a way to score down the stretch."

Do you feel as though you are just not in rhythm?
"I don’t know. I am getting a lot of shots. A lot of shots were right there last game and missed everything right there around the rim. Tonight I was just off. I think I have to find a rhythm or something like that or find a way to get some easy baskets."

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack
Was there a problem defensively the way this ball game began for you guys?

"We had some holes in our pick-and-roll defence and obviously they exploited it all night. They would find cutters going to the basket or skip the ball to the weak side and knock down shots, or even just penetrate right off the ball screen into our paint. With that team that can score like this you can’t do that early. We got down, put ourselves in a hole, we fought back but it was too little too late."

Is the team missing an edge defensively?
"There is no excuse for it. That is the thing we hang our hat on each and every day. We practice it, we preach it every day in practice and we have to come out and execute. We can’t just come out here with a lax attitude and put all that time and effort into it in practice and not display it in a game. That just doesn’t make sense."

Coming out of the break you guys looked fabulous, but lately you look like a different team:
"It is definitely a race, it is not finished. I found that out last year going into the All-Star break. We were fifth in the East and ended up not making the playoffs. We are aware that things can change drastically here and if we don’t bring our ‘A’ game things will change quickly."

Raptors Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jay Triano
Chris Paul struggled again tonight, what’d you do defensively?
"You can’t guard him with one guy. When he uses the screen you had better have other guys in a stance there ready and then those guys have to recover because he’s going to pick you apart with passes. We kept reiterating with our team that any time he was in a screen and roll you don’t guard it with one guy you guard it with five guys. Guys have to be in on the weak side you have to force him and bate him into the cross court pass and then you have to close out under control on that. Jose (Calderon) did the initial job up-front of doing all the work but everyone has got to be responsible on the play."

How about Amir (Johnson) who finished with seven blocks?
"He had two at the end that were huge and I knew he was very active tonight. I thought his shooting wasn’t what it normally is. He’s usually a very high percentage shooter but defensively he was as active as we’ve seen him."

Thoughts on James Johnson:
"I think he’s starting to understand what we’re doing. He’s starting to become familiar with his teammates and I think with his ability to make plays and score, he just has to understand what the guys around him can do and where to give them the ball and what plays to make. He’s a guy that we’re going to have make decisions for us when the ball is in his hands. He’s not a flat-out scorer but he knows how to play basketball and how to make good decisions."

Raptors Forward Amir Johnson
You seemed to be all over the court tonight. Is it just you being in the right places?
"I guess so, just being active, knowing that we need to get stops down the stretch. I was very active today and it was also helpful to have Ed (Davis) in the game today, he was another shot blocker so if he went up to block it and he missed it, I came up right behind him and got the blocked shot."

You guys beat another good team tonight in New Orleans, that’s got to be promising:
"Yes it is. It’s another step for us getting better. It’s a learning lesson for us, we did a good job today."

You showed a lot of discipline getting seven blocks and being aggressive but not getting into foul trouble:
"Absolutely, I’m learning not to get that second foul. I got an early one and I mentally said I’m not going to pick up this second one, and I did that."

Raptors Guard Jose Calderon
You outplayed one of the top point guards in the game in CP3 (Chris Paul) and maybe had your best game of the year:
"Well I was kind of like I owed this team a little bit. I played really bad down there (in New Orleans) and got like no points, or something like that. I wanted to be aggressive from the beginning, just hard work coming in, and after I was just feeling more comfortable with the game going on so I just tried to do that."

Was there extra motivation to get the win in tonight’s game after giving up the big lead in Dallas?
"Yeah, even today it was kind of the same thing. We were up and then after in the third and fourth quarter they came back. But today we executed, we played a little better, we played D (defense) and that’s why we got the win against a good team."

Raptors Guard DeMar DeRozan
Thoughts on the play of Jose (Calderon):
"He played amazing. He knew where to find everybody. He was knocking down his shot and that is what we need from him."

On the team’s ability to shut down Chris Paul:
"Yeah, it was tough. It was more of a team thing and we had to. It definitely helped us."

Thoughts on the team’s upcoming trip:
"It should be interesting. It should be fun, to go to another country, play two NBA games and try to go out there and try to get a win. Overall, I think it should be fun.”