Game 12: Pelicans-Raptors Postgame Quotes 11/9/17


On how the game ended…

I thought we played well. We didn’t come up with any of the 50-50 balls. I thought the biggest play of the game was (DeMar) DeRozan’s drive to the basket and he falls in the lane and some kind of way gets it to Kyle (Lowry) for a three-point shot. That’s a possession we should have had at worst been a jump ball. They came up with the plays, they came up with the loose balls, they came up with the offensive rebounds, and I thought that was the difference in the game.

On Anthony Davis’ shot attempts being down…

Well we have to understand if Jrue Holiday was going great, one of those guy’s shots are going to be down. Jrue was playing great and they had done a pretty good job on AD. One of the things that they’re not going to let our big guys do is just isolate them and beat them. They did a lot of double teaming and trapping the post and things like that, so it’s not that we didn’t go to him or try to go to him, Jrue had it going early so we went to Jrue a lot.

DEMARCUS COUSINS (20 points, 15 rebounds)

What adjustments were made to limit turnovers in the second half?

Most of the turnovers came from trying to make the right play. We didn’t have the connection at the time and I think we adjusted at the half and started making those plays in the second half. I wouldn’t say they were doing anything to make those turnovers happen.

How big was the game tonight from Jrue Holiday?

Jrue played incredible tonight, it sucks that we couldn’t give him the help that he deserved tonight and to help pull out this win. He had a huge night, he carried us the entire night and like I said it just sucks that we couldn’t be a supporting cast for him.

Do you feel like despite the loss, there were lots of positives from the road trip to go forward with?

I take this as a successful road trip. Of course, we wanted to go 4-0 but we ended up 3-1, its hard winning on the road in the NBA. That being said I’ll take it, we have a lot of growing to do as a team, we are on the cusp of getting Rajon (Rondo) back so that will be a big push for the team. Hopefully we just continue to get better.

ANTHONY DAVIS (18 points, seven rebounds)

Did they do anything defensively tonight, anything that you weren’t prepared for?

No, I just missed a lot of shots. I only had 14 shots and when I don’t have my shot going I try and create other ways to help the team. Just diving hard to the basket opened up a lot for our shooters and they were able to make shots. That’s really it and Jrue (Holiday) had it going too, so we were trying to feed the hot hand. Then when it’s time for us to make plays, guys made plays. They were able to get some stops towards the end and make some big shots out there on the floor.

On Jrue Holiday tonight…

It is always good, we need him going and he got going tonight, played well. Like I said this game DeMarcus (Cousins) and I struggled but we were still in the game. Our other guys stepped it up and played well. This was on us but we just have to go back and watch the film and see what we can do better.