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Game 9: Pelicans-Mavericks Postgame Quotes 11-3-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry
On tonight’s win:
“We just have to do a better job of protecting the ball. Obviously, there is going to be a lot of reaching, grabbing, and holding at the end. I’m a little bit surprised at the technical on DeMarcus (Cousins) at the end, to be honest with you. He didn’t say any curse words or anything, he was just asking about a call. That was a little disappointing. Like I said to the guys, it’s really tough to win on the road. For us to find a way to just hang in and find a way to win it, that’s the number one thing. All the other little things that happened are very correctable.”

On emphasis on points in the paint:
“We thought that we would have an advantage there. Obviously, I like our two big guys that we have. They are pretty good in the post and pretty good outside. The thing that I love is that they are also unselfish players. You look at DeMarcus and most nights he has seven assists, eight assists, nine assists. AD (Anthony Davis) is in the post and finding the right people, and scoring pretty much at will. That’s where our strength is and that’s where we are trying to go.”

On production from role players:
“I’ve got to do a better job of keeping Darius (Miller) involved in the game. He had a couple games where he didn’t play very much. He is going to be very important to us. I think that the more that we can have him in the game and get his confidence up, he is going to be able to help us.”

On the defensive effort:
“I just thought that we were locked in. The only thing that I didn’t like about it – I thought that we had too many straight-line drives when we were in an iso situation. They are very much an iso team, so we have to do a better job of containing the ball. I thought we let Harrison (Barnes) get away a couple times, and Yogi (Ferrell) got away a couple of times. That young rookie kid they got, he is going to be a phenomenal player, he really is. I think (Dennis) Smith (Jr.), his explosiveness and athletic ability, and what he can do, he is going to have a really bright career in this league.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis
On getting a win on the road:
“Yeah, it’s tough getting a win on the road. Yeah, we are just happy we got this one. The last minute of the half was tough for us. But, we are just happy we came up with the win and started the road trip off right."

On Pelicans teammate Demarcus Cousins and himself on the court together:
“We are just trying to dominate in the paint. Knowing that they don’t really have a lot of rim protection, we did a great job of finding each other. Our guards did a great job of finding us and we made the right passes out of the double teams. Some shots went in, some didn’t. But we are going to continue to make those passes and trust our teammates and they are going to fall. We are not worried about it. But, I think him and I did a good job tonight and everybody else did a great job of cutting without the basketball, getting easy looks at the rim and making open shots.”

On defensive adjustments mid-game:
“We just talked, defended and played hard. We wanted to start off this road trip right and come out with a win so we did that in the first three quarters … actually, all four. It’s just that last couple of minutes, we kind of just slowed it down.”

On what the Pelicans’ morale was like when losing a big lead:
“Man, we are not worried about that. Like I am saying, we are just trying to win. You know, we win by one (point), we win by 40 (points). A win is a win. Now we just look at film and try and correct stuff that we didn’t do well towards the end. But, we don’t care about putting away or not, we just want to win.”