Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images

Game 53: Pelicans-Jazz Postgame Quotes 2-5-18

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry:

On tonight’s loss:

“They just shot the ball exceptionally well. We couldn’t get them stopped. We just never really got them stopped. Even when we got back in the game, it was because we just outscored them. We never really got in a situation where we slowed them down because of stops. We just made some shots.”

On the strengths of the Utah Jazz:

“They do a great job of dribble-handoff and then rolling hard to the basket and you have to pull in. We either attacked and tried to get back out, couldn’t quite get there or if we didn’t tag, then they threw it to the guy on the inside and they dunked the basketball so they did a great job of execution. We just couldn’t find a solution for it. I thought we did a great job on Donovan Mitchell for really the entire night. It was the other guys, the bench coming in. You had one guy get 30 and (Ricky) Rubio is playing at a real, real high level right now and because of that, they’re a really difficult team to guard.”


Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis

On the team’s performance tonight:

“We were in the coverage that the coaches told us to be in. The Jazz shot the ball very well, 67% from three and close to 60% from the field. There is nothing we can do about it when all those guys are making threes. At one point they were 10 for 11 at the half. We just have to keep fighting and staying with it. Over the course of the game trust what the game plan is and continue on.”

On the deep learning curve with playing defense with newly-acquired Nikola Mirotić:

“Yes, this is the first time we’ve stepped on the floor as teammates together. We have to figure it out, similar to myself and DeMarcus (Cousins) when he first got here. That comes along with practicing and game time experience with each other on both ends of the floor.”


Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday

On the loss tonight against a hot Jazz team:

“They weren’t missing shots at all. We tried to be aggressive defensively. Their system just ran very well, didn’t miss much from the three-point line, and controlled the paint. I don’t think it was a lack of effort.”

On losing four out of the last five and giving up ground in playoff race:

“We are not thinking like that, but just trying to figure it all out with the pieces that we have. Obviously we have a couple new additions to be able to fit in and get comfortable with that.”