New Orleans Pelicans v Houston Rockets
HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 29: Eric Gordon #10 of the Houston Rockets shoots the ball against the New Orleans Pelicans on January 29, 2019 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.
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Game 51: Pelicans-Rockets Postgame Quotes 1/29/19



(On the game)

“Obviously, beating a team of this caliber and doing it on their home floor is rewarding. I just think the guys that we put out there, they played extremely hard. Led by Jrue Holiday - he competes every night, it doesn’t matter. Someone asked me, ‘did he have a good game or a bad game’, he never has a bad game, because he plays at such a high level and he competes at such a high level. I don’t think you can ever say what he’s had is a bad game. I thought he did as about a good job as you could possibly do. Then he (James Harden) goes 11-32 (FG), 6-18 from three, and that’s the best you can ever hope for when you’ve got James Harden. Then, I thought we had other guys come in and step up. Ian (Clark) made shots for us; Kenrich (Williams) came in and did a great job on the boards, 16 rebounds. It was a total team effort. It wasn’t anybody that stood out and then I talk about Jahlil (Okafor), he’s been solid. The kind of numbers he put up tonight is the kind of numbers he’s been putting up since we moved him into the lineup.”

(On what changed in the third quarter when the Pelicans were able to take the lead)

“I think what happened was that we kind of got the three-pointer out of the game. I thought we had played well in the first quarter and the first half. The three-point shot was the difference in the game and I thought we did a good job of taking it out. They ended up shooting 19-56 (from the three), so at one stage they (Rockets) were 11-19 and I thought we did a good job, or at least be in a position to challenge it (three-point shots), and because of that and the misses, we were able to get out and run, and have separation and space, so we had driving lanes and we did a good job.”


(On what keyed the Pelicans turnaround)

“I just thought we did a good job. (We) made some minor adjustments that we felt would help win the game. They got a lot of threes early. Eric (Gordon) – I think got 3 threes and James Ennis got a couple of wide-open threes. Minor adjustments, and again – just kept playing.”

(On disrupting James Harden)

“I don’t know. I just tried to show him different things. Definitely tried to trap him any chance we got. We tried to trap him and tried to make him see two people. At least, try to get him to pass the ball and have somebody else make a play. We know how great of a playmaker he is. (We) Just tried to make it difficult.”


(On the team’s performance)

“I think with everybody being out, we just all came together. The message was to just have fun, play together out there, and give it your all. We’ll live with the outcome and we were able to pull out the W (win). We huddled up before the game and pretty much said, ‘let’s just have fun; this is what’ve dreamed of’. A lot of guys, who haven’t been able to play, now had an opportunity to play – (and) made the most of it. Guys like Ian (Clark), Kenrich (Williams), they all just stepped up. It was a collective effort.”

(On Kenrich Williams’ 16 rebounds)

“That’s what we’re used to seeing from him. It’s actually in practice – he’s the guy that gets us extra possessions, defensive rebounding as well. He just has the knack for finding the ball and he came up big for us tonight. ”


(On the game)

“We just wanted to come out as a team and play hard, and just respond – just play hard and give it all we’ve got. That’s pretty much it.”

(On his game-high 16 rebounds)

“That’s all that rebounding is about (getting to the ball). It’s just going every time and playing hard and giving it all you’ve got. ”

(On forcing the Rockets to take tough shots)

“I think we did a good job as a team defensively. Of course, (James) Harden is going to get his, but as a team - we did a good job defensively. We just helped the helper basically. We had each other’s back tonight.”

Pelicans Center Jahlil Okafor Postgame After Defeating Houston Rockets

New Orleans Pelicans center Jahlil Okafor talks to the media after scoring a team high 27 points in a 121-116 win over the Houston Rockets.

Game 51: Pelicans at Rockets 1/29/19

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Pelicans Center Jahlil Okafor Postgame After Defeating Houston Rockets

New Orleans Pelicans center Jahlil Okafor talks to the media after scoring a team high 27 points in a 121-116 win over the Houston Rockets.
Jan 29, 2019  |  02:22

Kenrich Williams Postgame After Game High 16 Rebs in Win vs Rockets

New Orleans Pelicans forward Kenrich Williams talks to the media after grabbing a game high 16 rebounds in a 121-116 win over the Houston Rockets.
Jan 29, 2019  |  01:04

Alvin Gentry Talks Postgame After Pelicans Defeat the Houston Rockets

New Orleans Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry postgame interview after a 121-116 victory over the Houston Rockets.
Jan 29, 2019  |  04:51

Highlights: Jahlil Okafor leads Pelicans with 27-12 vs. Rockets

Jahlil Okafor tallied 27 points and 12 rebounds in Houston, helping lead the Pelicans to a comeback road win over the Rockets.
Jan 29, 2019  |  00:00

GAME RECAP HIGHLIGHTS: Pelicans 121, Rockets 116

James Harden continues his 30-point streak with 37 but the Pelicans hang on for the victory behind Jahlil Okafor's 27 points and 12 rebounds.
Jan 29, 2019  |  00:00

Highlights: Jrue Holiday's 19 pts vs Rockets | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Jrue Holiday scored 19 points vs the Houston Rockets but was all over the floor in other areas, dishing out 8 assists, grabbing a steal, and denying 6 times to lead the game in blocks
Jan 29, 2019  |  01:59

Ian Clark Scores 15 vs Rockets | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Pelicans guard Ian Clark was third in scoring for the Pelicans with 15 points vs the Houston Rockets
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Pelicans Defeat Houston Rockets 121-116 | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Pelicans highlights from the game as New Orleans defeats the Houston Rockets 121-116
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Jahlil Okafor 27 Pts, Dominant vs Rockets | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Pelicans center Jahlil Okafor had a dominant night in the paint vs the Houston Rockets, scoring 27 points to go with 12 rebounds and 2 blocks.
Jan 29, 2019  |  01:59

Okafor Throws Down The Big Dunk | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Jahlil Okafor runs into the paint and finishes with a huge and-1 dunk vs the Houston Rockets
Jan 29, 2019  |  00:00

Darius Miller with the Nice 2 | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Darius Miller connects in the 3rd quarter vs the Houston Rockets
Jan 29, 2019  |  00:00

Darius Miller with the Floater | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Darius Miller hits the floater in the lane vs the Houston Rockets
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Jrue Holiday Blocks James Harden at Buzzer | Pelicans-Rockets Highlights

Pelicans' Jrue Holiday gets the block on Rockets' James Harden at the buzzer
Jan 29, 2019  |  00:18

Pelicans Shootaround: Head Coach Alvin Gentry 1-29-19

Head Coach Alvin Gentry speaks to the media prior to tonight's match up against the Rockets in Houston.
Jan 29, 2019  |  02:37

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