OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 16: Anthony Davis #23 of the New Orleans Pelicans handles the ball against Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors on January 16, 2019 at ORACLE Arena in Oakland, California.
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Game 45: Pelicans at Warriors Postgame Quotes 1-16-19

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry
On tonight's loss:
"I don’t think you can look at any quarter as a problem. I thought we played well. When you play the champs there is obviously going to be ups and downs, there is going to be flow in the game. We hit a spot where we had a couple of turnovers. They made really tough shots, the shots that Stephen (Curry) made were not wide open shots, and they were challenge shots. He made them. We had to give something so we forced Draymond (Green) to be a shooter and he made them. That is why they are a championship team. I don’t think there was anything wrong in the way we played. Usually when you score 140 points and make 19 three’s, you have a chance to win the game. We were right there but we just didn’t make a couple of plays down the stretch. We had three offensive rebounds that really hurt, but for the most part we competed at a really high level. It appears to me that every time we were up 15 or 16 points, in some kind of way they generated two three’s or three three’s. I think it is a good gage to see what it takes to be a championship team, but we competed and I am happy with the way we competed. There were most things that maybe a little bit concerning, but for the most part our guys competed."

On Nikola Mirotic:
"I thought he played well tonight and needed one of those games. As you can see tonight you can use both of those guys. I also thought Julius (Randle) played well also. You can see that rotation is going to be fine."

On the Warriors:
"They are a great team. They played last night and came in here. I thought we did a good job of moving the basketball and getting out. We did a great job of managing our turnovers. It’s just that you have to make the little plays down the stretch against a team like this. We weren’t able to do it but they were."

On if tonight's loss moves the team in the right direction:
"Obviously you want to win every game. I don’t see any shame in playing the NBA champs to the point where a few plays here and there made a difference in the game. I don’t get anything out of a loss, but I do think we competed at a very high level. If we can do this against this team we should be able to do it with anyone else in the league."

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis
On the injury at the end of the game:
“I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.”

On the overall performance of the team what you wanted to show tonight:
“Yeah, we showed that we can compete with anybody. Steph’s (Curry) out making some shots, Draymond (Green) made a couple threes in the corner. We got out-rebounded twice, two rebounds that we needed and they scored on both of them. So I have to do a better job on that part but overall I think we played a great game.”

On tonight's performance being indicative of what this offense can do:
“Yeah, I mean we moved the ball. We played well. We were cutting, we were sharing the ball, guys are making shots, playing with a lot of confidence. When we’re playing like that, playing for each other, playing together, we can score. We’re not really worried about our offense. It’s our defense that kind of gets us in trouble sometimes and I think tonight we did a good job. Those guys made some tough shots. The late game rebounding, offensive rebounds, I have to do a better job of securing those and especially in that situation in a time to score. Overall I think that the offense was good tonight”

On Nikola Mirotic tonight:
“It was good. Lately he’s been hesitant, not really being himself and tonight he just came and played. He got back to his old ways and was able to make some shots for us. We’re going to need him to continue to play like this.”

On seeing DeMarcus Cousins in uniform again tonight:
“It means a lot, not just for me but for the game. He’s one of the most dominant players in this game right now and it’s good to see him back. Especially for me just because I know him, just outside of basketball as a friend. It’s going to be fun for me to see him play Friday.”

On leading in the third quarter:
“Guys made some shots towards the end. Steph (Curry) made a couple threes, Draymond (Green) hit some in the corner so they made tough shots. When you put up 140, whatever we put up, you’re expected to win those games, but guys made shots towards the end so you have to respect them.”

On the Pelicans' three-pointers creating momentum:
“It’s huge any time the three is falling, we’re able to expand our offense. Play more in the post and have a little bit more freedom and a little bit more space because guys can’t really help. Anytime we’re shooting the ball like that it just helps our offense.”

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday
On the takeaways from tonight's game:
“A lot of good things. Obviously it’s a transition game, they dominated in that game. But I think in the half court we played defense really well. Stephen (Curry) just went on a tear at that point. I think we played good defense, but he did a good job of giving his team energy, bringing them back in the game and switching the momentum. I think we did everything well. We got the assist we wanted and the 3-point percentage that we wanted.”

On Nikola's three-point shooting:
“When Niko (Mirotić) is playing like that and shooting like that we are hard to beat. Obviously we played against a team that shoots a lot and shoots very well. When Niko (Mirotić) is playing like that against most teams we usually get the win.”

On Stephen Curry:
“I feel like Stephen (Curry) did what he is supposed to do. He is the leader of his team and taking over in the third and the fourth, that is what he is supposed to do. I think our defense did just fine. There might be some things that we need to tweak. In transition we need to stop them and slow them down, they probably had close to 40 points in transition. If we can lock that in that could’ve been a different story.”

On losing a 140-point game:
“It’s basketball. That is how it goes. We were also up 10 or 15 against them. You have the championship Warriors doing what they do and shooting. It’s a fun game to play, we knew it was going to be up and down. The momentum was going to switch. What are you going to do when Stephen (Curry) makes shots like that?”

Pelicans Forward Nikola Mirotic
On tonight's performance:
“It was important for me to get back that confidence and it feels important to be with the guys offensively and defensively. We started great, we had a great first half especially on defense. We were playing for each other. Our offense was beautiful with shooting and scoring the ball. The third quarter, they got hot. Stephen (Curry) was making all those threes and it was just difficult. A lot of times it was two guys on the ball and even then they were still making those shots. The bottom line is we are able to compete and we played great. We were very close to winning the game.”

On gearing up for the next game:
“We have a really important game in Portland and we know what we need to do with those guys. We are going to get some rest tomorrow and watch film in practice. Every game matters now especially with those teams that are also competing in the same position, to fight for playoffs. I think we will be fine. We need to finish the trip well.”

On the current road trip:
“That game in L.A. was huge for us and that was one of the reasons why we played well tonight. Obviously we all need to step up defensively because we were struggling all this season. Right now we are watching a lot of film. Offensively we are doing some different things. I am playing the three sometimes with Anthony (Davis) and Julius (Randle), so we are all trying to figure out how we can be the best. We are going to find a way. Last year at the end of the season we had 10 wins and hopefully we can do the same this year. Right now if we continue to work the same way we are working right now we will be fine.”

On Stephen Curry's three-point shooting:
“It’s very hard to guard him. He is the best shooter in the history of basketball and like I said before we were doubling him with two guys on the ball. Anthony (Davis) is a huge guy but it didn’t matter, Stephen (Curry) was in the zone. It was after every dribble when he hit a long shot. There is nothing we could’ve done. We wanted him to pass the ball, but he kept shooting and was hot. He did what he needed to do and it was a great performance by him.”


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