Game 41: Pelicans-Trail Blazers Postgame Quotes 1-12-18

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry:

On tonight’s win:

“I just thought we did a good job, really, all around. You have to be able to guard their perimeter players and then they played three of them tonight. I thought we did a good job on it. That being said, obviously those guys end up with twenty-three each, but they shoot eighteen for forty-three so anytime you can do that, I think you’ve done a good job with them, defensively. We weren’t rebounding the ball there for a stretch and then we gave up too many second chance opportunities, but I think, overall, our defense was pretty solid. Then we did a really, really good job of just moving the basketball. I thought this was one of DeMarcus’ (Cousins) better games that he’s played for us, just all around. I thought defensively and the way he did it. Obviously, AD (Anthony Davis) stepped up huge. Typical AD game, really.”

On what allowed the Portland Trailblazer’s run at the end of the first half:

“I thought we were a little loose with the ball when they started to make that run when we were up sixteen. Just a little careless and we had a couple of tough possessions and they were able to come back. In this league, sixteen is not a whole lot and so a couple of turnovers here, a couple of bad possessions and before you know it, it’s a five point game.”

Pelicans Forward DeMarcus Cousins:

On the importance of getting a win while fighting for a playoff spot:

“Very important. We were tied with that team at the moment and it was good to get the lead in that tie-breaker to better position ourselves for this playoff run. It was a big game tonight.”

On if the energy level was where they needed it to be:

“Yeah, but I still think we made a lot of mistakes. I still don’t think we’re back to that level as a defensive team that we were early in the year, but a win’s a win and it’s tough to win in this league. With that being said, I think there are a lot of things we need to improve on.”

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday:

On if he thought he was getting to the rim easily:

“They do have some longer guards and I think toward the end, they tried to switch onto us. At the beginning, with Damian (Lillard), CJ (McCollum) and (Shabazz) Napier, just getting to the basket was my thought process.”

On the importance of harnessing the energy from this win:

“Right before a road trip, to be able to have this confidence and win at home and go to another arena and feel like it’s us against the world. New York, Boston – that’s a big game – and then Atlanta. They’re all three big games. If we can wins on the road, that would be awesome.”

Pelicans Guard Ian Clark:

On the win tonight:

“It’s about taking care of home. We know it’s one of those teams that’s ahead of us. We already split the season series with them 1-1, so it’s important tonight to come out and get a win.”

On getting more minutes:

“It’s good for anybody who wants to get back in a rhythm. That’s all you can ask for – opportunity. And with opportunity comes rhythm and you start making shots and things start going your way and that’s all you can ask for.”