Game 37: Pelicans-Jazz Postgame Quotes 1-3-18

Alvin Gentry – Head Coach
On the team's performance
"I just thought we did a good job offensively and defensively. I thought we did a good job of moving the
basketball and then I thought we were really good defensively, especially taking away [Donovan] Mitchell after
what he did to us last game. I thought [Mitchell] was really good, he had three baskets near the end of the
game. But all-in-all I thought Jrue [Holiday] locked in on him and did a really good job. Because we took
[Mitchell] away we took a lot of the other things away because we didn't have to make adjustments."

On DeMarcus Cousins playing in foul trouble
"He ended up making a big play for us down the stretch, driving baseline with the three-point play. I thought our
bigs did a really, really good job tonight of being up on the pick and roll and not allowing Donovan the
opportunity to, what we call a Ginobili, back into the middle of the floor. So we kept him on one side of the floor
and Jrue was able to lock in on him. But our bigs did a great job,[I] thought [Anthony Davis] did a great job of
trying to take advantage of situations that we had. And then our guards did a great job. We just did a really good
job of moving the basketball and moving ourselves and not getting stagnant, especially down the stretch. We
struggled the last game, we could have felt a little pressure but I thought our guys did a great job of just moving
it and taking what was available."

On Jrue Holiday's performance
"Well I think when [Holiday] is aggressive he is pretty good. He shot the ball well and he's been able to take it to
the basket so in those situations we like for him to be aggressive. Obviously we had one of our bigs, DeMarcus,
in foul trouble so we had to play smaller. And [Holiday] has a tendency to be a little more aggressive offensively
when one of the bigs are not out on the floor."

Anthony Davis – Forward (29 Points, 15 Rebounds, 4 Assists)
On tonight's victory
"It's what we try to do. We owe these guys from last time. I didn't get to play down the stretch last game [against
Utah] because of the injury but I just wanted to come and get this win. We lost two in a row and we just wanted
to make sure that we come out and start this road trip good. We got teams gaining on us for the eighth spot, so
we got to create a lead for ourselves, create some separation."

On the importance of this win
"We know we dropped those two games at home but we come on the road and do what we've got to do to take
care of business and we did that tonight. So, we've got to keep it going. We've got a couple days off in
Minnesota, try to get that one and then come back home and do the same thing. We've got to put a string of
wins together."

DeMarcus Cousins – Center (19 Points, 11 Rebounds, 1 Block)
On their fourth quarter execution
"Kind of pick and choosing our spots and I think we were both a lot more aggressive, as expected. Just trying to
do our jobs to seal the game."

Jrue Holiday – Guard (24 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists)
On what the deciding factor was for them tonight
"I think we locked in defensively. We know how well [Donovan] Mitchell can score, and I think we locked in on
him on the screen-and-roll, so he didn't get too many easy baskets. I thought we made it work for us. Great job
defensively towards the second half."

On containing Donovan Mitchell
"Just to be physical, to be into him. Nothing easy. No wide-open shots. I think by the time he got wide open
shots he was a little off, just because he hadn't seen an open basket. It's not just me, DeMarcus [Cousins], he
did a great job being up on the screen, trying to make him drive, trying to make another play."

On putting the team on his back when DeMarcus Cousins went out
"Just being aggressive really. I feel like that's what they have me here for, what they brought me back for.
Obviously when he is out there, him and Anthony [Davis], they can really score and most of the eyes are on
them. I just get my opportunity and I try to score."