Game 36: Pelicans-Knicks Postgame Quotes 12-30-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On Anthony Davis shooting a three-pointer on the last play of the game:
“That was one of the options. The other option was we were going to have him curl [his defender]. We know we didn’t need a three, but if the three was available to us, we were going to shoot it. It was a great shot. We just didn’t knock it in, but I’ll take that shot any time of the day.”

On what changed when the Pelicans took an eight-point lead:
“I think we have to be able to just finish the game. We didn’t finish the game. I think (when it was) 81 to 88 I think, we had a turnover and gave up a three. We had some good shots that didn’t go in, but it’s back to you have to close out a game like that. We had every opportunity to do it, and they did it. We didn’t and they did. They came back and made some shots. (Kristaps) Porzingis a couple of plays, (Joakim) Noah had a couple plays, and I thought Jarrett Jack was good down the stretch.”

On rebounding from yesterday’s loss:
“We had energy, we just didn’t make shots tonight and we got behind. I thought we played with energy. I thought we fought the whole time, and obviously we fought to get back and get ahead. It came down to closing the game, and we have to be able to close the game.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis

On frustration over the two losses:
“I’m not frustrated. We’re fine. We’re fine. We’ve just got to go take care of business on the road. We’ve got to get back to playing how we were playing before, coming out with a lot of energy, but I’m not frustrated, disappointed that we dropped these two, but I’m not frustrated.”

On their home record:
“There are plenty of games left. We’ve got 46 games left. I don’t know how many at home, but we’re good. We are continuing to get better, but we’ll be fine. We’ve got plenty of more games at home and the road. We’re 18-18 so we have plenty of basketball left.”

Pelicans Center DeMarcus Cousins

On fixing the Pelicans lack of energy:
“You’ve got to come in prepared and ready to battle. I don’t think it’s anything that can be fixed. That’s a mindset, coming in ready and prepared to do your job, ready to compete at a high level. It’s just a mindset.”

On the final shot:
“He was open. I watched him make that shot many times. The greatest player of all time didn’t make every game winner. He missed. On to the next.”