Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

Game 34: Pelicans-Nets Postgame Quotes 12-27-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry
On the most important thing to talk about for the win:
“First of all, I thought we were great defensively. We did a great job defensively. Obviously, they had that run and I don’t know what it was. It seemed like an 80 to nothing run. Other than that run in there, I thought we did a great job defensively. I thought the most impressive thing was that, if you look at the way we move the basketball, we had 45 baskets and we got 40 assists so to me that’s telling me that we are looking for open guys. We are passing it up, and we did. We passed up some good shots to try to get great shots. I thought we did a really, really good job of moving the basketball and when you do that, obviously, you can shoot a high percentage. Once again, we were over 50% from the field and 50% from the three-point line so, I think, when you are doing that kind of ball movement, cutting and finding people, we have the capability of having 40 assists in the game.”

On his conversation with guard Rajon Rondo as he approached his career high in assists:
“I just said great job. I thought everybody did a great job. I thought he did a good job of still trying to find the open man. I don’t think he was hunting for assists. I think he was just playing and it got to that number right there. I think it’s great for him. I think we missed some easy shots that could have put him in a position to have the NBA record, but, to me, just winning the game was great, and I thought we took care of the business right from the start to finish, other than that little spot in there in the third quarter where we kind of let them get back in the game.”

Pelicans Guard Rajon Rondo
On the team’s win and continuing to build on it:
“It was a big win for us tonight definitely. Coming home and playing in front of these fans and it gave us a lot of energy tonight so we were able to come out and continue our couple-of-game win streak."

On when he noticed the large number of assists:
“Cheick (Diallo) told me when I had 18 so I spoke to Jrue (Holiday) and he handled the rest."

On his stat line reflecting his approach to basketball:
“Well, the number one thing is we got the win and, then me personally, I love passing the ball. I think when everyone touches the ball, it gives you energy and life on defense. So, that’s why I’m a big believer in getting everybody touches and giving everybody a little energy on both ends of the floor."

Pelicans Center DeMarcus Cousins
On Rajon Rondo’s passing performance:
“I mean it was cool. It was cool. Solid. He did his job. When you got a guy like AD (Anthony Davis) and myself, why wouldn’t you pass it? But nah, I had a previous stint with him in Sacramento and I thought I’d seen some of his best performances and even his days with the Celtics, but just to watch him come out here and do this tonight with, basically ease, it is just a testimony to his talent."

On realizing how many assists Rajon Rondo had:
“I kind of felt bad because I blew a couple of shots tonight. I didn’t realize until I got to the bench the number of assists he had. I think I missed a shot on what was supposed to be his 20th. You know he could have had 30. You know AD (Anthony Davis) tripped off some layups. So, he could have easily had 30, 30+. Congrats, but I kind of feel bad at the same time.”