Game 27: Pelicans-Grizzlies Postgame Quotes 12/7/18

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry: 

On thoughts after the loss tonight: 

“Well you’ve got to finish games. You know, I mean that’s just the bottom line. It’s not really complicated. It’s [a] simple thing. You know you get to the point where you’re eight up at home with 5:12 to go, you’ve got to finish the game. We didn’t do that. You know we got out-scored, I think, 15 to three down the stretch. We’re up 101-97 with three minutes to go, you know, we don’t get it done. We missed our last nine shots. You know those are the things that you have to execute, and you have to be able to score down the stretch. You know they’re a good team. You know they’re blue-collar all the way. They’re gonna be tough. They’re gonna be into you, but you have to execute enough that you come up with baskets and you come up with stops. And then we did a good job defensively on some possessions, and then we didn’t finish the possessions. You know they end up with the ball back or they end up with a tip-in or they end up, you know, at the very end of the possession making a play. Those are the kind of things we have to get better at. I thought we competed at a real high level, but not only do you have to compete, you have to execute down the stretch…and I didn’t think we did a very good job of executing down the stretch.” 

On the bench’s tough night shooting: 

“Well I think the bench out-scored us… you know it was like… I know their bench got 53 out of the 107 that they had. So I mean obviously that’s a huge bench for them. And we seem have trouble with JaMychal Green every time we see him for some reason, and I thought their bench came in and did a really good job for them. You know…JaMychal came in and then Shelvin Mack, but the other guy that really hurt us was (Joakim) Noah to tell you the truth. I thought Noah came in and gave them a lot of energy, and you know he was very good defensively and very actively defensively. But through all of that, we had a situation where we should’ve closed the game out and we just didn’t do it.” 

Pelicans Forward Solomon Hill 

On where the game got away from the Pelicans: 

“Just execution at the end, especially personally. I had a chance to get a rebound, late-game turnover, gave up a reverse layup. Just little things like that is a big difference, especially when we slow down a game like that. You know, those are big possessions. You don’t want to blame (yourself) the last couple minutes of the game, but those are huge as far as finishing this one out. This is a pretty big one just before we go on the road, against a great opponent, and everyone is so close that this one could come down to it. We don’t want to be thinking about this in April.” 

On if he’s been focusing on three-point shooting: 

“No, the most important thing is we play defense. It doesn’t matter if I go out there and hit 12 of them and lose, I’ve got to make the stops on defense. That’s why I’m here. We have enough firepower to score the ball. Those key moments as far as – like I can remember hitting a three and they come down and hit another three, so really they cancel each other off. It’s really different and it’s a really different vibe too once you get the W.” 

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday 

On what happened in the last five minutes of the game: 

“I just don’t think we finished out the game, really. It’s probably what it came down to. They executed better than we did.” 

On Memphis’s defense making it difficult to get into their offensive sets: 

“They are a little handsy, but I think we shot close to 30 threes tonight and I think we only made seven. If you make some of those at certain times in the game, we open up the game and I think it’d be a different story. Maybe we make a couple more threes, it’s a different game.” 

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