Game 20: Pelicans-Warriors Postgame Quotes 11-25-17

On if tonight was a moral victory:
“No. It’s not a moral victory. I thought we started the game the right way, and we were playing the way you have to play against that team if you have any chance at all at beating them. That’s to have good ball movement, not turn the ball over, good spacing on the floor, good cuts, and I thought we did all of that. I thought we did a good job defensively, then we got away from that a little bit. We became a little stagnant offensively. The ball movement wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Then we started letting Steph (Curry) and guys get separation. We can’t do that against that team.”

On the team's defensive performance:
“I thought we did well the whole game defensively. They ended up with 110, but the way they got them is the key. You can’t turn the ball over. We turned the ball over 17 times for 20 points. You can’t give that team 20 points on turnovers. They ended up shooting 41 percent. They’re not a 41 percent-shooting team. We did that, and they shot 30 from three. We did all the things necessary, but to beat that team, you have to be a disciplined team. We got away from what got us the lead early on in the game.”

On if the Warriors' bench gave them an advantage:
“Obviously they’ve got a good bench, but that wasn’t the difference in the game. The difference in the game was we turned the ball over. The difference in the game was we gave up too many offensive rebounds. The difference in the game was we weren’t disciplined. Obviously you look at the stat sheet at half, and Steph is one-for-11. He is not going to go one-for-11 in the second half. That’s just not who he is. I thought where we should have had a lead, the game was tied, so they come out and do what they do. They are always going to go on runs. That’s what they’ve done ever since Steve (Kerr) became coach. You play with them, you play with them, then all of a sudden it’s 10-0 or 14-2 run, and that’s where they get separation.”


On getting off to a good start being up by 14 in the first quarter. His thoughts on how they could keep that up:
“Our defense kind of dropped. They got a bunch of shots in transition, easy baskets. We had a couple of breakdowns and they made us pay. You can’t give a team like that easy points. They got them in rhythm and they were able to take the lead and never look back.”
On whether he liked what he say when they got to set their defense in holding the Warriors in the first half:
“Yes. We are pretty good in the half court. The first time that we played them we made them shoot 10 percent less than what they normally shoot in the half court. Our half-court defense is fine, but when you turn the ball over to this team right here and allow them to move in transition, they are a tough team to beat.”

On how the team defending Warriors guard Stephen Curry, he didn't shoot very well and a lot of that had to do with the defense:
“We were just trying to play knowing that KD (Kevin Durant) was out. We knew the focus was going to be on Steph and Klay. We just tried to take those two out of the game. We had some defensive breakdowns, Klay got a couple open looks in the first half and then Steph made some plays. We just have to limit those easy possessions for them and try to make it hard for 48 minutes.


On how it felt to hear the crowd again:
“It was great. Obviously I have heard a lot about the ring and everything like that but just being out there and getting to hear the fans again. It was great to be back.”

On how it felt to be on the other bench:
“It felt weird, from coming into this locker room. Everything like that is weird but the adjustment is still the same. I knew coming in that it was ring night and after that it was just about trying to buckle down and win the game.”

On his feeling about the comfort level with the new team:
“All of the guys are welcoming and it is still an adjustment period for all of us. We haven’t been playing together long. We are trying to find our way and I think that we are doing a good job of that especially this early in the season.”

On whether it is frustrating to hold the Warriors to a low shooting percentage and still lose by 15 points:
“I don’t think that 15 points really showed the whole game. We were down by five and seven mostly in that crunch time but down the stretch they made more plays than we did to kind of blow the lead open. A couple of free throws from out of bounds and technical fouls but I think that we can play with anybody in the league. We show that. We have two dominant guys and have great pieces to put around them.