Game 18: Pelicans-Spurs Postgame Quotes 11-22-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry:
On San Antonio not being able to put together a run:
“We reminded the guys every timeout they would not quit over there. We were going to have to make them quit. They will continue to play and we did a great job not letting the run happen. We did a great job of attacking the basket and getting their bigs (Pau Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge) into foul trouble.”

On Anthony Davis now being the number two all-time scorer in franchise history:
“Obviously over the years he has had here, from the time he walked in, he has always played great. The thing I like about him is that every year he has gotten better. You know, he is still a baby. That is what I do not think everyone realizes, he is only 23 years old and has a ton of basketball left.”

On Darius Miller continuing to play so well:
“What he has done is created a lot of spacing for our big guys. Usually when he is in the game, we only have one of the bigs in, so what he has done is allow that big guy to play with more space because his guy now will not leave him.”

Pelicans Forward DeMarcus Cousins:
On the team’s mindset after first quarter:
“I feel like I’ve been struggling as of lately anyway, so I’m just trying to find my spots and remain aggressive at the same time. Also, I’m just trying to do it in the flow of the game.” 

On the team’s defensive performance in the second and third quarter:
“We were just very, very solid. Our rotations were (good). Our help-side was (good). Just a good team effort on the defensive end and, with those stops, we were able to get out and run and we just took full control of the game.”

Pelicans Guard Rajon Rondo:
On the team’s defensive performance in the second and third quarter:

“We got stops defensively. We communicated better on the floor. We didn’t lose our man on back cuts and we contested more shots.”

On the team’s turnovers decreasing:
“It’s about getting better each game and we’ve definitely done that. We’ve been shooting the ball 50% the last six, seven games, so, if we take care of the ball, the sky is the limit with what we can do on the floor, so we are going to continue to focus on that, and continue to take pride on defense and get stops when we can.”