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Game 13: Pelicans-Clippers Postgame Quotes 11-11-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry
On tonight’s win:
“I thought we played well. Obviously, we had good ball movement. We ended up with 26 assists and we always go 25-25-25, we want to get 25 layups, 25 assists, then we want to shoot 25 free throws. We almost accomplished that, but the glaring thing is obviously the turnovers. I don’t want to be negative about anything because this is a good win, especially after coming off of a long road trip. We’re going to have to do something about our turnovers. That’s really just the only thing that is hurting us. I think the offensive rebounding thing we’ve taken care of. The only thing left for us to do is make sure we’re not turning the ball over. 23 turnovers and 33 points is way too many. We shoot the ball well. We shoot 54%, 38% from the three and 26 assists. Like I said, if we eliminate those turnovers I think you see a team that could really win a lot of games.”

On finishing better after Toronto loss:
“You’ve got to give them credit. Austin (Rivers) is going to come back to the place he got traded from, so you’re going to always want to play your best. I thought Austin did a good job of keeping them in the game down the stretch. I liked our possessions at the end. We got a layup, got another layup, then we got a foul shot. I think that’s pretty efficient in what we were trying to do. To come back off a trip like that, be able to win a game and play well then I thought we played exceptional.”

Pelicans Center DeMarcus Cousins
On the overall feeling of the last five games:
“Every night we come out playing for one another. It’s not about who is scoring the ball, it is about getting the W at the end of it."

On eliminating the turnovers:
“I am the main culprit of the turnovers right now. I had eight of them. I have to do a better job of taking care of the ball, make better decisions. Luckily the turnovers didn’t affect us tonight because we got the win. It shows what kind of team we can be if we would take care of the ball. We were up most of the game despite all of the turnovers and this game could have easily been a 15-20 point win if we would have taken better care of the ball.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis
On the overall feeling during the last five games:
“It feels good to string some wins together. We went 3-1 on the road trip and now (we) have to take care of the home court, starting tonight. We shot well from the field, guys stepped up and made shots. We shared the basketball well."

On playing against a big front court:
“Those two guys have great chemistry together. We try to be as physical as they are. We try to keep DeAndre (Jordan) off the boards and Blake (Griffin) out of the paint, which is what they do best. They are shooting the ball well right now as well. It is always fun to go against them, especially when we execute our game plan like tonight and come away with the win.”