Planet Rebound
  • We are committed to ensuring our neighborhoods are clean, landscaped, and presentable for a safe environment and a proud place for youth and adults to live, work and play.

  • We are committed to providing helpful information so that our fans and community can become aware of energy efficiency tips and the importance of conserving natural resources.

  • We are committed to preserving Louisiana's shoreline through coastal restoration initiatives that provide awareness and volunteer outreach in our community.

Planet Rebound TipsRefresh
  • Check Your Energy Use

    A home energy audit is one of the best ways to learn how much energy your home uses and be advised on the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy use.

  • Stop Leaky Ducts

    If you seal up the ductwork, windows, and other leaks in the house, this can also reduce the AC size needed.

  • Use the Right Size AC Unit

    When replacing cooling equipment, correctly sizing your AC is very important to energy use and comfort in your home.

  • Weatherize Your Home

    You can save 10% or more on your energy bill by stopping the air leaks in your home. Warm air leaking into your home in summer can waste a lot of energy by making your AC work harder to cool off incoming air.

  • Maintaining Cooling System for Optimum Performance

    Proper maintenance of your system can reduce energy use and extend its lifetime.

  • Individual Air Conditioners

    Buying AC units to cool a few rooms costs less than installing central air.

  • Central AC and Heat Pumps

    Central air conditioners and air source heat pumps are both widely used in the U.S. and are the best option for maintaining comfort in areas that experience high humidity.

  • Lamp Maintenance to Enhance Efficiency

    Aging and dirt on fixtures, lamps and room surfaces can reduce total illumination by 50% or more, while lights continue drawing full power.

  • ENERGY STAR Light Fixtures

    Light fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR approval combine quality and attractive design with the highest levels of energy-efficiency available today.

  • Fluorescent Lamp Disposal

    CFLs save energy and last a long time. When they do burn out, remember to properly recycle them.

  • Outdoor Lighting for Decoration and Security

    Exterior lighting is one of the best places to use CFLs because of their long life.

  • CFLs vs. Incandescent

    Fluorescent lamps are much more efficient than incandescent (standard) bulbs and last about 4 to 10 times longer.

  • Changing Light Fixtures

    By changing light fixtures or the position of lamps you can brighten your room while using less energy.

  • When To Replace Your Furnace Or Boiler

    Old gas furnaces that have a pilot light are typically only about 65% efficient, while the least efficient systems made today are 80% efficient.

  • Weatherizing Your Home

    You can save 10% or more on your energy bill by stopping air leaks in your home.

  • Setting Your Aquastat

    The aquastat can be set manually to 140ºF (120ºF with condensing boilers), reducing fuel consumption by 5-10%.

  • Choosing The Right Window

    Replacing windows can save you money in reduced energy bills and many utilities provide rebates for such purchases.

  • Adjusting Your Thermostat

    In most homes, you can save about 2% of your heating bill for each degree that you lower the thermostat for at least 8 hours each day.

  • Reduce Your Heating Costs

    Heating homes in the Southeast accounts for about 20-30% of home energy costs, up to 35-50% in colder parts of the country, and is often the largest energy expense in our homes.

  • Carpool When Possible

    Carpool whenever possible and fill up a seat that's already going your way.

  • Choose an Efficient Vehicle

    A car that gets 20 miles per gallon will emit about 50 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

  • Use Renewable Fuels

    Both E85 and biodiesel are renewable fuels that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your vehicle.

  • Car Sharing

    It's the convenience of a car without the hassle of paying for gas, maintenance and insurance.

  • Maintain Your Car Regularly

    A tune-up could boost your miles per gallon anywhere from 4 to 40 percent; a new air filter could get you 10 percent more miles per gallon.

  • Get Rid of Unnecessary Weight

    An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your MPG by 2% or more for small cars.

  • Save Fuel by Slowing Down

    Hard acceleration and braking can waste fuel and lower your mileage by 33% on the highway and 5% around town according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Bundle Errands

    When you start your car after it's been sitting for more than an hour, it pollutes up to five times more than when the engine is warm.

Our Commitment

The New Orleans Hornets and Entergy are focused on enriching communities in the Gulf South. The Hornets trademark initiative, Planet Rebound presented by Entergy, was developed to encourage and educate Hornets fans and our community on the importance of being environmentally responsible to create a sustainable future. Planet Rebound initiatives focus on providing awareness to factors vital to the preservation of our communities and include energy efficiency, coastal restoration and beautification of our neighborhoods.