Pelicans vs. Bucks Postgame Quotes (12/18/20) | 2020-21 NBA Preseason


On tonight’s win:
“We still had a lot of breakdowns. We were not very good tonight, defensively. I thought, the first quarter, I thought we did a lot of what we wanted to do. I thought we had a good focus on how we wanted to play. I thought our pick-and-roll defense was pretty good. It’s really good things and then over the last three quarters, we just weren’t very good defensively. There were some moments where we were okay, but we didn’t do a very good job of protecting the paint…fouled way too much. Those are things that just can’t happen. But look, it’s early. I think we’re really a tired group right now – just starting camp, see the minutes we’re playing guys in exhibition games, we’re stretching them out, we’re dealing with a little bit of fatigue and we’ve got to get in better shape and we’ve also got to learn to push through that. So I think that’s a little bit of what you’re seeing also. We’ll be better when we get ourselves in the condition.”

On the value Eric Bledsoe brings to the Pelicans:
“There’s no question about it. He didn’t have a lot of time in camp so especially when you’re new to a group, it makes you
tough. I thought he was much more aggressive as we got later in the second half. I thought he was trying too hard to just sort of fit in for the first half of the game. We want him to more aggressive, offensively; wanting him to shoot his open shots, wanting him to attack the basket. I thought what we saw out of the last quarter and a half was the Eric Bledsoe we’re used to watching.”

On Zion Williamson being effective at the rim:
“Zion (Williamson) is remarkable going to the basket. He can play a key role – the way he can control his body and the force he
has going to the rim, he’s outstanding. Now, obviously they were missing Giannis (Antetokounmpo) tonight. That’s a lot of
length, but still, Zion is very, very good going to the basket. We just have to create more and more opportunities for him.”


On being comfortable with bringing the ball up the floor:
"I'm getting very comfortable with it. My teammates and my coach are a big part of that. They're always telling me like, 'Z you can do it. We trust you. We're behind you. We support whatever decision you make.' So (when) we have teammates and coaches that sacrifice it like that, it makes that much easier."

On how he’s feeling physically:
"Personally I feel like I'm feeling great, but at the end of the day there's always more improvement to feel better. So that's what
I'm striving for, for the team…to feel better and better."


On the flow of his offense tonight:
"I felt good. I felt my shots were open, as they were in Miami. Just keep taking them, start making them."

On playing against Jrue Holiday:
"Yeah I mean Jrue's a great player, an even better person. It's good seeing him. Obviously we like him on our team, but he's in
a (different) situation now (and) we wish him the best."


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