2019-20 Game 40: Pelicans at Celtics Postgame Quotes 1-11-20

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Re: Celtics having something to prove

“Yeah, they did. We just never got any traction, offensively or defensively. They took us out of just about everything we tried to do. Obviously (Jayson) Tatum just shot the ball extremely, extremely well. We just never got into any kind of rhythm. Obviously being shorthanded against a team that’s desperate and has the ability to play at the level they that played at is just not a good thing.”

Can you take anything positive from tonight?

“I told the guys, if I’m not mistaken I think every team in the NBA lost a game by 30 last year. You still have to try and do the right thing; you have to try and get something out of those games, especially the bench players that really don’t get the consistent minutes. It gives you the opportunity to step up and almost earn extra minutes by the way you play. I thought Frank (Jackson) did a great job, and I thought he was locked in defensively. Those are the kinds of things that, when you get an opportunity, you’ve got to be ready to take advantage of that opportunity.”

Brandon Ingram

Have you seen teams change defenses and how they approach you over the last few weeks?

“Absolutely. It’s important for me to not let the defense dictate what I’m doing on offense. Of course you have to make adjustments; one thing I did a good job of is making adjustments. I think that kind of team and their defensive pressure were good. You’ve got to move the basketball and get off it a little bit and try to get back and tack off off that; I don’t think I did a good job of that tonight. I think we’ll look back at this film; we’ve got them again, and we’ll be better when we play them again.”

Biggest issue tonight on the defensive end?

“Being the aggressor, getting around screens. I think the screen and roll was big for us tonight; when they got down hill we weren’t able to recover and box out and rebound. Of course, we’re missing three of our guys, our main guys. What can you do? I think some guys stepped up.”

What was Jayson Tatum doing that was so hard to stop?

“He was coming off screens; when he found a mismatch, he attacked it. I mean, he’s a skillful player. He made a bunch of shots tonight. I think he got a good rhythm, and off course all his teammates got a good rhythm. It felt like they didn’t miss a shot tonight.”

Jaxson Hayes

What has it been like getting through how crazy your schedule has been these past few weeks?

“It’s definitely a struggle. Your body starts feeling it, obviously. Your mind says you want to be home; you want to be in your own bed, not just a hotel bed. That’s a huge difference, just playing that many of games in that amount of time.”

Does that mental toll impact your film study?

“No, I wouldn't say that. I try and not let that stuff affect me. I just do the best I can to block it out. Obviously I can’t not notice when my body’s sore, but all the mental stuff I just try blocking out.”

Has film study been of value to you as a rookie?

“Yeah, for sure. Just watching film, seeing people’s tendencies, all that type of stuff. It’s really important.”