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Lucas Oil Family Night

Lucas Oil Family Night

Starting at $20 each, your family can get a ticket (Balcony Level – Sections 201-232) to any Lucas Oil Family Night game plus a unique Pacers hat and Family Meal for free!

What You Get

  • Four tickets to a Pacers game: You’ll secure seats for some of the NBA’s best games.
    • Starting at $30 – Lower Balcony (Approximately Rows 1-10 in Sections 201-232)
    • Starting at $20 – Upper Balcony (Approximately Rows 11+ in Sections 201-232)
  • Four quality Pacers gifts: You and your family will get free Pacers hats.
  • Four Pacers Family Meals: Each ticket purchased receives a voucher for a hot dog, bag of chips, and a Pepsi product—a $22 value!

What It Costs

Starting at $20 each, your family can get a ticket to any of our designated games plus a unique Pacers gift and Family Meal for free! That’s a $144 value for as little as $80 for a family of four.

Choose Your Games

Orlando Magic SATURDAY
MARCH 30 at 7:00 PM

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All game attendees are reminded that the unauthorized collection or distribution of game data, including statistics or play-by-play information, for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to ejection, in addition to all penalties and remedies provided by law.