Scot Pollard Making Survivor Debut Wednesday Night

It's reality television week for the Pacers, apparently.

After Paul George, George Hill, Coach Vogel, and Boomer appeared on The Bachelor on Monday night, the Pacers' reality week continues with former Pacers forward Scot Pollard set to make his debut on Survivor, Wednesday night at 8 PM EST on CBS.

This season of the long-running reality show takes place in Cambodia, and is using the theme of brains-brawn-beauty to separate the tribes of castaways.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the 6-foot-11-inch Pollard will start the season as a member of the Brawn tribe, or as they are called on the show: the To Tang Tribe.

The new season, Survivor: Kaoh Rong, is the 32nd installment of Survivor, and figures to be filled with rough weather and challenging obstacles; both mental and physical. CBS even called it their "most grueling season yet."

Pollard was a member of the Pacers for three seasons (2003-2006), and played 11 seasons total in the NBA. Looking back at some of his hairstyles throughout his career, from the ponytail to the mutton chops, it seems as if he were destined to be a Survivor contestant all along.