Postgame Quotes: Pistons 100, Pacers 94 081029


(On the game) “The turnover differential, which was seven, and then offensive glass were the difference. Offensively we shoot 50 percent from the floor and 89 percent from the foul line and got there 13 more times then the Pistons, but we shot ourselves in the foot.”

(On turnovers) “We executed a lot of our plan tonight, but turnovers were one area that we didn’t. They are very long and athletic up front; very explosive and they got the best of us.”

(On playing your tempo) “No, because of the turnovers. I think that the turnovers hurt the energy. We had a nice tempo going at times, but when you turn the ball over and give up 15 second-chance shots that really hurts your tempo.


(On turnovers) “That wasn’t the start we wanted. We know that they are a good team and taking care of the ball is critical. For us to turn it over that many times we aren’t going to beat anyone, especially the Pistons.”

(On the tempo) “When we throw the ball around that is what we do. We are looking to get shots and scoring opportunities, but the turnovers took us right out of that.”

(On the Pistons offensive rebounding) “They really killed us on the offensive rebounds and second-chance opportunities and points. Turnovers and offensive rebounds were the big difference in tonight’s game.”

(On Danny Granger’s success) “He played great. He got to the basket, got to the line, made threes and played really well for us tonight.”


(On Tayshaun Prince) “I thought Tayshaun did really good down the stretch and through out the game. He was aggressive a lot of the time and when we needed baskets we were able to isolate him in the post. We let him score or get in a position to let someone else get a shot.”

(On the team) “I though we did a good job in attacking, (even though you) didn’t see it in the free throw attempts but we have to watch the tapes. We maybe could do a better job of finishing at the basket and playing through contact. Overall I thought we were aggressive for the most part and a very difficult and different team to play against. We didn’t want to go small to match up with them.”

(On his first regular season game as an NBA coach) “Man I’m just glad to win any time, whether it’s my first game of many or just the fact that we were at home. Starting the season you always want to start off with a win and want to establish your home court. It was good that we played pretty good basketball for most of the game. I have to look at the tape and see what mistakes we made.”


(On Michael Curry’s first game) “Its always good to get your first win under your belt so me and the guys are happy for him.”

(On the offense) “Rodney (Stuckey) and Walter Herrmann definitely came through and gave us a spark. Overall we did a great job tonight.”

(On accountability) “It forces the starters and the bench to be accountable of taking care of the ball, or there is someone else that is very talented that can take your place.”


(On first game of the season) “It definitely felt good to be back and get the first game out the way due to the nerves and anticipation of opening night.”

(On the starters) “Our young guys have gotten some great training this summer and it showed tonight because they really played well.”

(On the offense) “Its going to take a little time to get the offence down because over the last five years we have been running different plays, but that’s fine. We will get there. You don’t learn everything right away but in time as the season progresses we will be just fine.”


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