Postgame Report: Cavs 111, Pacers 107 081107

He flirted with a triple-double but wound up with his second double-double of the young season with 17 points and ac career-high 11 rebounds, adding seven assists and a steal while playing his usual solid defense in another strong all-around performance.

Name Min. +/- Name Min. +/-
Maceo Baston DNP --- Marquis Daniels 37:20 -2
Travis Diener 9:40 +1 Mike Dunleavy DNP ---
T. J. Ford 31:17 -3 Jeff Foster 30:57 +5
Stephen Graham DNP --- Danny Granger 36:08 +11
Roy Hibbert 19:03 -10 Jarrett Jack 24:20 -2
Josh McRoberts DNP --- Troy Murphy 29:37 +2
Rasho Nesterovic DNP --- Brandon Rush 21:38 -19

  • Points in the paint: Pacers 50, Cavaliers 40
  • Fast-break points: Pacers 19, Cavaliers 9
  • Second-chance points: Pacers 26, Cavaliers 8
  • Points off turnovers: Cavaliers 26, Pacers 14
  • Starters scoring: Cavaliers 77, Pacers 76
  • Bench scoring: Cavaliers 34, Pacers 31

  • In five previous seasons and 297 appearances, Marquis Daniels had never produced a double-double. He's done so twice in the last three games and was three assists away from his first career triple-double tonight.

  • The Pacers have lost eight in a row overall to the Cavs and eight in a row in Cleveland, where they haven't won since Nov. 3, 2004. They've also dropped 11 of the last 12 to the Cavs.
  • Indiana has lost its first two road games for the first time since the 2000-01 seaosn.
  • In the last two games, the Pacers have been outscored by 38 points in rookie Brandon Rush's 42 minutes of playing time.
  • Danny Granger scored 33 points on 13-of-21 shooting, including 5-of-10 from the 3-point line, to lead the Pacers in scoring but committed six turnovers to raise his team-high total to 19.
  • The Pacers outrebounded the Cavs 44-30, outscored then 26-8 on second-chance points and 19-9 on fast-break points but committed 24 turnovers that led to a 26-14 Cleveland advantage in points off turnovers.
  • Cleveland enjoyed a 24-11 scoring advantage from the free-throw line.
  • Rookie Roy Hibbert was one rebound away from his first career double-double, finishing with 11 points and nine rebounds to go with two blocks.
  • LeBron James led the Cavs with 27 points, nine rebounds, eight assists and four blocked shots. Mo Williams scored 21, Anderson Varejao 18 and Zydrunas Ilgauskas 17.
  • Since holding Boston to 34.6 percent shooting, the Pacers have allowed both Phoenix (.558) and Cleveland (.519) to top 50 percent.

  • The Pacers return home to face Vince Carter and the New Jersey Nets Saturday in Conseco 7 p.m. (FSI, 1070 The Fan).

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  • Nov. 7, 2008 at Cleveland

    Cavaliers 111, Pacers 107


    (On the game) “The 17 free throw differential was the difference in the game. We shot 11 foul shots, they shot 28. With a very physical game and a team that takes it to the rack as much as we do and to only get to the foul line 11 times…I just shake my head. Incredible, absolutely incredible. I just continue to scratch my head over that one. To run a moving offense with as much cutting and driving as we do and to get only 11 foul shots and they get 28. Unbelievable. I can’t believe that. To take it to the basket as hard as we do and cut as hard as we do, I’m just completely dumbfounded.”


    (On the game): “We didn’t take care of the ball. I don’t know how many turnovers we had, but it was too much. Then LeBron got on a roll in the second half and became too tough to stop.”

    (On playing on the road): “You don’t have that sixth man with the crowd getting into the game. When you’re on the road, the pressure mounts and only the mentally strong teams can withstand those challenges.”

    (On free-throw disparity): “The refs are just going to call it and you’re not going to get a good whistle at any point in time. The bottom line is you have to defend.”


    (On the game): “Each team made runs and the game went back and forth. There was one stretch in the fourth quarter where their crowd really got into it and we turned the ball over two, three, four times in a row. They pulled it out to nine and we got it back close, but it turned out to be too much to overcome.”

    (On being a mentally tough team): “I think it’s our next step. It’s our Achilles Heel right now, with so many turnovers. We’d probably have one loss right now instead of three.”


    (On the game as a whole): “We talked about it before going into the game that Indiana was going to try to make this into a rat race. If we could help it, try not to get involved in the rat race and see if we could control the tempo with our defense and shot selection. If we had a good one (shot), get to the rim and go ahead and take advantage of it.”

    (On the depth of the team): “When we needed to change things up because this wasn’t working or that wasn’t working, I thought our depth really came into play and we ended up forcing turnovers. I thought Wally and Anderson were terrific off the bench, and even Sasha, too. He only played five minutes, but in those five minutes he had two blocks. In a game like this, two blocks, obviously, can equal four points and that’s the difference in the ball game. So, our depth really showed tonight.”

    (On LeBron): “I thought LeBron really kicked it in gear. I thought the energy he brought to the table was tremendous. He gave everybody a look, and then the block, that was just a winning play. I don’t even know where he started from, but to run that man down, who in his own right was quick himself, and make a block like that at that time of the game was phenomenal. That’s what we call a winning play.”

    (On LeBron’s third quarter offense): “It was will and talent combined. I thought in the first half our focus as a team, myself, our coaches, all of the players including LeBron, our focus was not there. In the second half, I thought we came out and regrouped, and he led us in that area by turning it up a notch mentally and physically. I think that’s why we were able to get a win, and it was a combination of will and talent.”

    (On playing a different style) “That’s the exciting thing about it (the win). If you’re going to have a good team, you’re not going to be able to play the way you want to play every night. At times, you’re just going to have to figure out a way to win a ballgame. I thought tonight our group figured out a way to win a ballgame. I don’t think we would’ve won a game like this in the past.”


    (On the game): “Once again our bench did an unbelievable job coming in and giving us energy. We didn’t have a lot of energy to start the game. Our bench was able to relieve some of the stress of our first unit and brought a lot a lot of energy and we were able to put out a win. Not the best, but games like these show the type of team you are.”

    (On winning a high scoring game): “I think we got enough stops in the fourth quarter to allow us to do it. They hit a lot of tough shots, especially in the last minute. This is a high- powered scoring team in Indiana and you just try to get as many stops as possible.”

    (On his blocked shot): “I do not give up on plays. That’s a big play; if they make that it, is a two- point game. I was able to chase it down and get it before it got on the backboard. It’s something I have been doing since high school and I was able to save a big score for them.”

    (On Varejao’s performance): “He’s one of a kind. He was unbelievable tonight playing his role. His role is setting screens and defending and when the ball comes to him, he’s ready for it. He made some great plays defensively, got some dunks, some lay ups and have some assists tonight.”

    (On team’s performance): “We are going to be a very good team. To have six players in double digits just shows the depth that we have and we are going to be really good if we continue to get better each night.”

    (On lack of energy): “I knew that I wasn’t playing my best game, but I knew that I had enough energy to jumpstart us. I can not allow our team not to get better. Now if we lose and got better, that happens. It sounds crazy but you get better one night and still lose.”


    (On getting the win despite the team not playing their best ball): “Good teams find a way to win. You are not going to play your best ball every night. When it shows up in the win column, you can still learn from a few mistakes…We have got a big goal in mind and that’s to win a championship. To win a championship, you have got to win games like this when you aren’t playing so well and find a way to win. Down the stretch, we got stops and we made plays on the offensive end.”

    (On the team playing better behind LeBron’s leadership): “I think collectively as a group we did and we rallied behind that guy. He is our leader and he is our player. We go as he goes. He picked it up and started playing well. That’s the first time I saw him frustrated (was in the first half). He came out in the second half and put a lot of pressure on himself and he came through.”

    (On playing with a smaller lineup tonight): “I think we can use it to our advantage. I think that it’s going to be really effective against some teams and some teams we are going to have to play big (against). I think Coach (Brown) is going to do a great job of managing that. Tonight was one of those nights where we had to get a small lineup because Indiana spread the floor and tried to beat us off of the dribble and set a lot of flares (screens). The small lineup was very effective. It is really effective when you have guys in the small lineup like Wally coming off of the bench playing well and Anderson Varejao who can move and guard a guard if need be. It was really effective for us tonight.”

    (On the defensive play in the second half): “I think that is just a credit to our defense. I think we really turned it up in the second half. They were basically doing what they wanted in the first half. We have got a lot of pride in our defense so we took it upon ourselves to say ‘Hey, we need to turn it up in the second half or we are going to have a long night.’ We talked about it in the beginning of the year that we don’t want to let these games slip away. They played good, not to take away anything from Indiana. They are a good basketball team. They played well for 48 minutes, but we are at home and we are expected to win these games.”

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