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Make your Season Ticket Plan more flexible than ever with Pacers Ticket Return and Ticket Add. Return Tickets and Add Tickets all from your Pacers mobile app to get the most from each game.

To access this feature, Download the Pacers App and in just a few simple steps start managing your seats!


STEP 1: Open the Pacers Mobile App. Select Arena on the bottom of the screen. For Android users, this will be on the side bar menu option.

App Screenshot

STEP 2: Tap "Arena", then tap "Upgrade Your Game Night"

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STEP 3: Select "Fan Hub" in the upper right-hand corner. This is your account page where you can view your credit. This is the area you will login using your Season Ticket Holder email address. It is important you use the email address associated with your ticket account. After you enter your email address, you will be prompted to enter a 4-Digit pin to access your account.

App Screenshot
App Screenshot
App Screenshot

App Screenshot
App Screenshot

STEP 4: Once logged in, just below the credit, you will see "Your Names Tickets" and "Edit the status of your tickets to every event below." This is where you can select the option to either "return" or "add" tickets.

App Screenshot

STEP 5: Returning Tickets

Select "Return Tickets"

App Screenshot

Select the game to return

App Screenshot

Select the seats to return

App Screenshot

Press Continue

App Screenshot

The app will show you how much credit you will receive for returning tickets and you may submit. This will then be added to the overall Experience Credit total.

App Screenshot


1. Season Ticket Holders CANNOT return tickets if any of the following are true:

  • The tickets are not paid in full
  • The tickets have been posted for resale
  • The tickets have been transferred
  • Tickets are complimentary (i.e. redemption)

2. Season Ticket Holders can return tickets up to 24 hours prior to the next game.

3. Credit can only be used to add tickets if you are logged in to the account with your Season Ticket Holder email address.

4. Users may only transfer one ticket per email.

  • This detail is imperative to know that you may not transfer tickets to more than one person. Added seats must be individually transferred or scanned in on your own personal phone.

5. Your ticket barcode will not appear until the day of the game.

6. The ticket barcode will live in the "Fan Hub" portion of the app. If you ever misplace the ticket, please see your account information in "Fan Hub."

7. Credit accrued through "Return Tickets" cannot be used for the following:

  • Season Ticket Renewal
  • Suites Rentals, Sells Group Lofts, or Legends
  • Buying tickets through your Indiana Pacers Representative
  • Adding Playoff Tickets

8. Credit must be used by the end of the season, and can only be accessed via the mobile app.

For additional assistance with the Add Tickets and Return Tickets feature, contact your Pacers Sales or Service Representative or our Dedicated Service Hotline at 317-917-2525.


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