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2010s Decade Game

For our sixth and final "Decade Game" on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, we celebrated the current decade of Pacers basketball.

On game day, we honored the current team as they continued their playoff push and all fans in attendance received a bobblehead of All-Star forward Paul George.


Postseason Success

2010-11: First Round
2011-12: Second Round
2012-13: Eastern Conference Finals
2013-14: Eastern Conference Finals
2015-16: First Round

Decade Honor Roll

All-NBA Team
2012-13: Paul George (3rd team)
2013-14: Paul George (3rd team)
2015-16: Paul George (3rd team)

All-Star Game
2011-12: Roy Hibbert, C
2012-13: Paul George, F
2013-14: Paul George, F*
2013-14: Roy Hibbert, C
2013-14: Frank Vogel, Coach
2015-16: Paul George, F*
2016-17: Paul George, F

All-Defensive Team
2012-13: Paul George, F (2nd team)
2013-14: Paul George, F (1st team)
2013-14: Roy Hibbert, C (2nd team)
2015-16: Paul George, F (2nd team)

All-Rookie Team
2010-11: Paul George, F (2nd team)
2015-16: Myles Turner, F/C (2nd team)

Rising Stars Challenge
2011-12: Paul George
2016-17: Myles Turner

Slam Dunk Contest Champion
2016-17: Glenn Robinson III

*Voted as starter


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