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1970s Decade Game

Leading up to our second "Decade Game" on Saturday, Dec. 10 against the Trail Blazers, we spent the whole week remembering the great Pacers teams, players, and stories from the 1970s. On game day, we honored many players from the 1970s at halftime and all fans who attended the game received a bobblehead of either Hall of Famer Mel Daniels or Pacers legend George McGinnis.


ABA Champions

1969-70 (Finals MVP: Roger Brown)
1971-72 (Finals MVP: Freddie Lewis)
1972-73 (Finals MVP: George McGinnis)

Decade Honor Roll

1970-71: Mel Daniels
1974-75: George McGinnis

ABA All-League Team
1969-70: Mel Daniels, C (1st)
1969-70: Roger Brown, F (2nd)
1969-70: Bob Netolicky, F (2nd)
1970-71: Mel Daniels, C (1st)
1970-71: Roger Brown, F (1st)
1972-73: George McGinnis, F (2nd)
1972-73: Mel Daniels, C (2nd)
1973-74: George McGinnis, F (1st)
1974-75: George McGinnis, F (1st)

NBA All-Star Game
1976-77: Don Buse, G
1976-77: Billy Knight, F

ABA All-Defensive Team
1974-75: Don Buse, G

NBA All-Defensive Team
1976-77: Don Buse, G

ABA All-Rookie Team
1971-72: George McGinnis, F
1974-75: Billy Knight, F

NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion
1976-77: Darnell Hillman


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