3rd Season

  • Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
  • Occupation: Student at University of Indianapolis

What do you enjoy most about performing?
The adrenaline of performing in front of a crowd. When I perform, I feel like I/my team owns that floor and it feels so powerful. I love the free feeling I get when performing and how I can express myself and challenge myself to conquer my weaknesses as a performer while also showcasing my strengths at the same time.

What is your dancing background?
I danced with the Indiana Pacemates in 2006 for the Pacemates Clinic and then picked dancing back up in 2011 during my sophomore year at Pike High School. I was on my high school dance team, Pike Spectacular Dancers, from sophomore year until I graduated in 2014. After years of auditioning after I graduated high school, I made the 2017 Fever Inferno Hip Hop Squad. I became a Pacemate for the first time ahead of the 2017-18 season.

Outside of dancing, what are your hobbies and interests?
I love to workout and stretch anytime I can. I also love reaching out to local dancers and attending their dance workshops.

What's one interesting fact about you?
I have been part of every entertainment group for Pacers Sports & Entertainment from Boom Babies and Fever Inferno to the Indiana Pacemates.

What is the best thing about Indiana fans?
The energy that they have for not only the players but also for the dancers. Indiana fans stand up for what they believe in and are loyal to the team they are rooting for no matter what.

If you could be a backup dancer for one musical artist, who would it be and why?
If I could be a backup dancer for one musical artist, it would have to be Janet Jackson.

Do you have any pets?
I have two dogs! My first dog, Cassidy, is a Solky Terrier and I’ve had her since she was born. She’s now 9-years-old. In December, we added a new member to the family, and his name is Saint. He is an Australian Shephard Lab mix. He just turned one.




MOVIEThe Lion King





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