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What They're Saying: Pacers Uniform Unveil

by Greg Rappaport Writer

On Friday evening at the River West StreetFest, fans and media got their first look at the Pacers' reimagined uniform and logos. The brand refresh features the "We Grow Basketball Here" motto, highlighting basketball's deep connection with the state of Indiana. Complete Details on the Brand Refresh »

Take a look at what people were saying on publications and social media about the unveil:

From Around the Web

CBS Sports: "The Pacers took major advantage of the switch to Nike." Read More »

Uni Watch: "Pacers Unveil New Visual Identity Package" Read More »

Sports Illustrated: "The Pacers unveiled their new uniforms on Friday, and they're actually quite different from the Adidas uniform. 'Indiana Pacers' is now written as a circle around the players number, and the team's logo is completely new." Read More »

Sporting News: "The Pacers unveiled the threads after a day-long tease on its social media accounts Friday, that also included the unveiling of a new court design." Read More »

UPROXX: "Wanting to showcase how their new jerseys are heavily inspired by the state of Indiana, the Pacers unveiled their new uniforms at a fan-based event. The Pacers’ uniforms are extremely clean and have the entire team name circling around the jersey number." Read More »

Inside Indiana Business: "The Indiana Pacers have unveiled new uniforms and branding ahead of the team's 51st season. 'We Grow Basketball Here' is the new platform and the jerseys are the result of an NBA agreement with Nike." Read More »

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