Turner's Offseason Yoga Practice Drawing Attention

In yoga, the goal is often to find your center. But this offseason, the center has found yoga.

In an article released on Tuesday, written by ESPN's Ohm Youngmisuk, Turner's embrace of the ancient discipline as part of his offseason workout regimen is highlighted.

"I know I feel different," Turner said to ESPN about his yoga practice. "Just my movements on the floor ... I feel more, I don't think 'majestic' is the word for it, but I feel better, not as wobbly. I feel a lot stronger overall."

In addition to his yoga practice, Turner has also completed a radical transformation to his diet, admitting that his previous eating habits may have been impacting him on the floor. Since hiring a personal chef and undergoing a rigorous offseason workout plan, Turner has already halved his body fat according to the article.

Turner's relentless offseason workouts have been driven by his desire to avoid a first-round exit for the first time in his three-year NBA career, as well as his goal to make his first All-Star Game.

Kyle O'Quinn, one of Turner's newest teammates, played five-on-five with Myles in Las Vegas and was impressed with his presence.

"Myles looks more fluid and explosive," O'Quinn told ESPN. "He is primed for a big year. If he lets the offense come to him, he can get 20 a night and be an All-Star."

Turner's zen-like workout routine was also spotlighted by The Players' Tribune, which released a video last week taking us behind the scenes of Turner's Texas-based offseason.

"How is this going to help me on the basketball court?" Turner was initially asking himself when he started yoga. "But then I started doing it more and more. And I feel the benefits of it. I wasn't a believer at first, but I'm a big proponent of it now."

For Turner, one of the biggest benefits he's found throughout his yoga practice is the ability to sharpen himself mentally, allowing him to clear some of the hurdles that come with an 82-game schedule.

"Challenging yourself mentally. You're in these hard positions and you're really training your mind and training yourself to get comfortable in uncomfortable positions," says Turner in The Players' Tribune. "There's going to be a lot of times on the floor when you're tired in the fourth quarter, and you kind of gotta do the same thing. Just push yourself through."