Turner and Oladipo Appear on NBA TV's 'The Starters'

by Greg Rappaport Writer

After arriving in Atlanta for their game against the Hawks, Myles Turner and Victor Oladipo made a stop at Turner Studios to appear live on 'The Starters.'

To start the interview, the hosts ripped off the Band-Aid by asking about the previous night's gut-wrenching loss to the Celtics. Both Oladipo and Turner stressed that the team had moved on, citing the positivity of the locker room.

Things got jokingly contentious between the two Pacers stars when Oladipo asserted that he was going to finish the year with more blocks than Turner, who is currently the NBA's leader in blocked shots.

"I'm a better shot blocker," Oladipo said with a wry smile. "It's a long year."

The pair then played the Newly Teammates Game, testing how well the two know each other after 31 games playing together.

One of the questions asked was which Pacers teammate is most in need of a makeover. Unfortunately for their teammate, the duo was on the same page, saying veteran Al Jefferson was most in need of a style adjustment.

When Turner had to guess Oladipo's favorite fast food joint, the Pacers stars didn't fair as well, as Turner guessed Whataburger, but Oladipo answered Popeyes.

Check out the full segment below.

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