Sergey Karasev

by Wheat Hotchkiss Writer/Editor

Sergey Karasev

Source: DraftExpress

June 26, 2013

Club: BC Triumph (Russia)
Position: Forward
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 197 lbs
Age: 19
Points Per Game: 16.2
Rebounds Per Game: 4.8
Assists Per Game: 2.9
FG %: 39.8%
3P %: 36.7 %
Turnovers Per Game: 2.2

Sergey Karasev is considered to fit in just right with his NCAA peers. While playing is Russia Karasev's 15.2 possessions/game is considered above average among other players at that position, while his .99 points/possession is the exact average. Although Karasev is only 19 years of age, he is considered one of the go-to scorers for his club, BC Triumph.

Karasev's strengths include the size to play in the NBA, he is a versatile 6'7" that can post up down low or make the outside shot. He is a shot maker, although he has consistency issues Karasev has a smooth, quick release and has the range to knock down NBA three's. He's got a feel for the game he makes the right decisions at the right times and has a high basketball IQ. The ability to attack the rim, Sergey is a dominant left handed player that is not great in isolation, but has the ability to get to the rim with 1-2 dribbles and rip through defenders.

Karasev's weaknesses include his lateral quickness, his right hand and his athleticism. Sergey will have a difficult time keeping NBA small forwards in front of him due to his lack of footwork. He works hard, but lacks technique. He won't be a threat in the transition game, but can finish below the rim. He can change speeds and get to the rim in crafty ways, but is not an explosive or quick player. He can get outmuscled in the post, but if he can add some pounds he will be a much more complete player.

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