"Roy Hibbert Goes Gangnam Style" Takes Off

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"Roy Hibbert Goes Gangnam Style" Takes Off

by Jeff Tzucker

October 22, 2012

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On Sunday afternoon at Circle Centre Mall in Downtown Indianapolis, scores of Pacers fans, Colts fans, and food court denizens got treated to a surprise Gangnam Style dance routine led by Pacers center Roy Hibbert. Joining him in the dance was Pacemates dancer Tamara and members of Area 55.

The dance routine took place during a "Meet the Rookies" autograph session with Orlando Johnson and Miles Plumlee, neither of whom knew about the planned dance. During the video, Plumlee can be seen smiling broadly while Orlando stands amused.

The dance had been practiced for weeks in secret (nearly all Pacers Sports & Entertainment employees had no idea until after the dance happened).

In just 19 hours online, the Gangnam Style dance routine has gained quite a bit of positive attention from bloggers, media, and the social sphere. The number of views it's received in such a short time show the love: 25,000 YouTube views and 8500 views on Pacers.com.

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Sekou Smith maintains Hibbert’s flash mob is just the latest evidence of why people love him: “He’s a fan favorite in Indiana and beyond because he’s at ease in his own skin and one of the funniest and fearless people in the NBA today.” Read More from NBA Hangtime »

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J.M. Nicholas sees the video as evidence of the special bond between Pacers players and fans. Nicholas writes, “This team is more than just a franchise, it’s a family.” Read More from Rant Sports »


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