Reggie Miller: 31 and Only

Farewell Q&A

"I believe it's time for these guys to take the next step, and I know they can without me."

Before his career came to an end, Reggie Miller sat down with two interviewers who have chronicled him from the beginning. David Benner, who has worked with Miller since his rookie season, and Conrad Brunner, who began covering Miller in 1988, sought Reggie's thoughts on his - and the team's - past, present and future in a revealing question-and-answer session.

Franchise Gives Reggie a Winning Sendoff

After the Pacers closed the final regular-season of his career, the franchise paid tribute to its retiring legend.

  • Behind the Scenes: Reggie Miller, Cheryl Miller, Mark Jackson and Rick Carlisle talk about Reggie's finale

    Walsh Pays Tribute to a True Champion

    Reggie wasn't a popular choice in 1987, but he turned out to be not only a cornerstone for Donnie Walsh's franchise-building plan but one of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history. The CEO and President of Pacers Sports & Entertainment shares his feelings in this personal tribute.

    In Many Ways, Final Season his Proudest

    Many fans believe Reggie should return for one more season and one more shot at a championship ring. But in many ways, the role he played in leading this battered team through a seemingly never-ending stream of adversity and into the playoffs was a noble and fitting way to bring his career to a close.

    Teammates, Rivals, Coaches Honor Reggie


    Miller Moments Wallpaper
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    Reggie's former coaches, teammates and rivals share their thoughts in his career in this extensive compilation of testimonials.

    Images of a Legendary Career

  • These three photo galleries, compiled from thousands of images from NBAE/Getty Photographers as well as Frank McGrath Photography, capture the essence of Reggie's career.

  • Photo Galleries: Early Years | Road to the Finals | Uncle Reg

    Reliving Those Memorable Moments

    With the help of NBA Entertainment, we compiled an extensive archive of video interviews and features from Reggie's career. We also offer a special page of Fantastic Finishes in the team's playoff history, most of which came courtesy of 31 & Only.

  • Multimedia: Fantastic Finishes | Video Archive

    Reggie Left No Doubt About Decision

    When Reggie Miller announced his intention to retire after this season on Feb. 11, he left no doubt that he was convinced it was the right time to bring a close to his legendary career. Take a look back at his announcement and the reaction it evoked from teammates and rivals.

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