What’s the Story of Reggie’s Pregame Ritual?

Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2004

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Q. Before every home game when the players come out to practice, one of the guys from the bench comes over to Reggie Miller, brings him a drink, talks to Reggie, then Reggie starts moving his head and gets in the guy's face like he is telling him off or something. Can you tell me what he is saying and what is going on? (From Mary in Richmond, IN)

A. The man in question is the Pacers' Director of Public Information David Benner, who has worked with Miller his entire career, first as a beat reporter for the Indianapolis Star. Benner and Miller have an interesting relationship, so I'll let Benner take it from here.

"About 6 years ago, Reggie came to me before the game, took a sip of the drink, the Pacers won and he had a good game. Reggie is very superstitious and that started something that still goes on today. In the last three years, I give Reggie the drink and say something to him under the guise of firing him up. He then responds with some words of his own and enjoys getting up close and personal."

Just exactly what words pass between the two shall forever remain private. At least I hope so.