Paul George Inspires Creativity

By: Ashley Peek

Ever since the list for the dunk contest has been announced Pacer fans everywhere have been talking about Paul George and how his talents can win the tournament, and with all the hype, fans have not hesitated to share their ideas for what they think he can do.

#SeePGFly, the trending topic on the social media phenomena Twitter, has given fans around the country the opportunity to share their ideas for all to see. Here are a few selected ones:

Of course, over the past couple years using props has always been a fan favorite, but incorporating other players, teammates, coaches and so on can appeal to a larger fan base.

Which is key. In order to #SeePGFly and get as many fan votes as possible all Pacers fans, no matter how big, how small, far or wide, need to use the fan voting methods to ensure George comes back to Indiana the dunk king.

You can vote on NBA.Com, through SMS texting and this year on Twitter! There will be a specific hashtag dedicated to the event and a letter assigned to each player involved, you will tweet these in as a vote. This is following the campaign the league started in 2008, “They Dunk. You Decide.”

So help Paul fly, soar, slam-dunk and win. It’ll take every last person voting so make sure to spread the news and follow @King24George on twitter to send him encouragement.

Let’s help show the rest of the country just how much this is Indiana’s team.