Pacers Uniforms Through The Years

Pacers Uniforms Through the Years

ABA Style

If you were in the ABA, you had to look good. From the "Pacers" script with the defining line underneath extending from the "s", to the strong team logo on the shorts, this workout wear was fantastic. Johnny Neumann added his own flavor, with the wild hair and moustache.

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Double Stripe

One solid line down the side is never enough. Billy Knight drives the lane showing us the dual stripes that make this outfit complete. He has the matching wristband to boot.

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Basic Blue

This look is completely no-frills. Herb Williams lets a jumpshot fly in a stellar navy blue top with striking gold trim.

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Going Trendy

Most of the 80's saw the Pacers sporting this design, a solid color with a large strip across the front with the team nickame. Guard Vern Fleming directs the offense in style.

Andrew D. Bernstein
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The FloJo Look
Reggie Miller, shown here sprinting down the court.
Nathaniel S. Butler
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Yellow Rik Road

The Pacers broke out their second road jersey in 1999, a bright yellow number with subtle "INDIANA" lettering across the front. The Dunking Dutchman, Rik Smits, models them nicely against the Wizards.

Mitchell Layton
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Classic Pinstripes

The classic look retired after last season was in place since 1997-98. The pinstripes are a smooth, cool look that lets Jermaine O'Neal elevate for a classic jumper against the Hornets.

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